Teen Be a better friendThe best way to keep children at home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant, and let the air out of the tires.  ~Dorothy Parker

Never lend your car to anyone to whom you have given birth.  ~Erma Bombeck

Just a little humor for moms of teenagers!

Teenagers make great girlfriends. They feel things deeply and bond quickly. Sometimes those bonds break just as fast, but often they are lasting, making a difference for years to come.

Teenagers — just like those of us who are no longer teens — need to work at establishing and maintaining those friendships.

erma bombeck quote cars teensFive Fabulous Tips for Being a Better Friend (for Teens)

Hang Out. Spending time together may be the number one best way to be a great friend. After all, during the teen years people are soooo crazy busy with sports, school work, clubs, activities, more sports, family, and even–gasp–school work. Spending time with friends is not only fun, it sends the message that you value your friendship enough to make time to get together.

Listen to Problems. Problems abound during teen years. Boys, girls, cliques, acne, not making the team, getting along with other friends, horrible teachers, unfair parents–the list goes on and on. Sharing troubles lets your girlfriends know they aren’t alone in what they’re going through. Frequently, your friends just need a sympathetic ear. Who knows? You might even come up with solutions together.

Make Something. If you like to bake, make cookies as a fun surprise. If you’re artistic, draw a small picture. If you’re good with words, write a note or a poem. Do something to show your friend how special she is. Take the time to make it meaningful to her. (Does she like M&Ms? Put some in the brownies. Does she particularly like pigs? Draw one with her next to it. You get the idea.)

Send a Text for No Reason. Or a Tweet. Or a Snapchat. Or whatever is hot the minute levitra online generic you’re reading this. Reach out and say Happy Today for no good reason. It will make you both smile.

Be Inclusive. Is someone sitting alone at lunch? Invite them to join your table. Is someone struggling in gym class? Help them out. Is someone being bullied? Stand up for them. You’ll be doing the right thing–and you might even make a new friend.

Come to think of it, being a good girlfriend during teenage years isn’t really all that different from being a good friend the rest of our lives. Except for gym class.

JUDI COGEN is Chief of Insanely Brilliant Ideas here at Girlfriendology.com. For this post, she spoke with her favorite teenage girl, her daughter. You can read the original interview (which is pretty funny and typically teenage) at her blog, DearKidLoveMom.com, an ongoing letter to her Kid in college.

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