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Good friends can disagree about lots of things and still be really good friends. Different taste in music, clothes, TV programs…the list of things we might not agree about goes on and on. But very few people really disagree about chocolate. Even people who don’t adore the gooey goodness of really well made chocolate generally just say they don’t like it, not that it is bad.

Chocolatier and Girlfriend Guru CHRISTY HOVLAND loves chocolate. She loves talking about it, blogging about it, making it, and indulging herself and her girlfriends. Today, she shares five reasons to eat chocolate (as if we really needed a reason!). Now if we could just figure out how to give samples through the internet…

Let’s be honest here girlfriends, I think the majority of us would like to eat chocolate daily. I’m not talking about waxy faux-chocolate, I’m talking about melt in your mouth chocolate that sits on your tongue and dissolves into a puddle of epicurean delight. I’m talking about one of the reasons that planet Earth is so awesome – besides Ryan Reynolds and white wine.

Reason number one – Chocolate boosts your mood. Chocolate is a proven mood booster. In the chaos of children, jobs, piles of laundry, and toilets that refuse to clean themselves, chocolate is known to provide an immediate boost to mood. Feeling down? Grab that bag of chocolate chips – or even better chocolate covered potato chips. Yes, they’re that good. (I think my best friend – a fitness trainer and nutritionist – just shuddered.)

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Reason number two – Chocolate eaters are thinner. While I’ve always believed that chocolate has a tendency to make my clothes shrink, a recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that healthy people who eat chocolate daily are actually thinner. The subjects of the study that were thinner apparently worked out 3.6 times a week – so grab that chocolate bar and hit the gym. (Okay, BFF is now relaxing. I got that gym mention in. Phew.)

Reason number three – Chocolate milk is perfect post-workout. Once you hit the gym your body is ready to utilize those amino acids to repair muscles. Fitness trainers will encourage you to enjoy a post-workout shake, and studies are showing that chocolate milk (made with skim milk) fits the bill. I, personally, enjoy mine steamed with a shot of espresso from the local coffee shop.

Friendship Save the earth chocolateReason number four – Flavinoids and antioxidants. Dark chocolate is FULL of these and I keep reading about how they are super healthy. They help with your heart health and can even help to prevent a stroke. Yup, there are studies that are showing that a bit of dark chocolate with flavonoids intact each day will help with your cardiovascular health.

Reason number five – People will like you better if you give them chocolate. It’s true. My friendship base has multiplied dramatically since I started my job as a professional chocolate pusher. I’d like to believe it’s because I’m so awesome, but I’m nearly certain it’s because of the free samples. If your friend calls and is down, take her some chocolate. If she’s a good friend then someday, she’ll repay the favor.  Win-win.

The chocolate covered epilogue.

In an effort at full disclosure, dark chocolate is really what you’re supposed to have.  I know, I know – I’m a milk chocolate girl too. But along with that cacao, milk chocolate has a lot more sugar than its dark chocolate sister. So, save milk for those essential PMS moments when nothing else will do.

CHRISTY HOVLAND is a professional chocolatier and owner of Cherry Street Chocolates. After years of owning her own award-winning marketing consulting firm, Christy decided it was time to follow her passion and her love of all things chocolate. She currently lives in Colorado with her husband (Steve), two children (Britton and Ella), a dog (Lacey), two cats (Misty and Spit) and a frog. You can also find her at the Chocolate Inspires blog.

What is your favorite time to eat chocolate, girlfriend?


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