5 ideas for GNO Girls Night OutHave you ever woken up one morning and realized you haven’t seen your best girlfriends in a while? That getting together with those wonderful women who are always there for you has somehow slipped off the crazy-busy to-do list?

Guest blogger MARY EDWARDS reminds us how important girls’ nights outs (aka: GNO’s!) are and gives some great ideas for getting all those fab females together.

You have a group of girls that you adore and in return adore you. They are the ones that make your long work week seem minor and your relationship frustrations seem trivial. Your girls are your comedic relief and support system for your life; therefore, a girls’ night is needed and needed often. Try to have girls’ night once every two weeks. Send out a text or an email and throw out these suggestions:

Night In: Most girls’ nights require a crowded Happy Hour bar and restaurant with terrible service. This time invite the girls over to your place for a Night In. Have everyone bring something, whether it is cheese and crackers or wine. Don’t worry about having any activities planned, when you get everyone together and the food and fluids are flowing, chatter begins.

Painting: Painting classes are really popular right now and are popping up left and right! Check your city for group painting classes and sign up. Some classes offer snacks and drinks or allow you to bring in your own. Be sure to block off a few hours, this could take a while, unless you are Picasso.

Coffee House: Try channeling your inner ‘Friends’ character, and head over to your local coffee shop. Instead of a typical weekday or weekend evening, meet for coffee on a Sunday afternoon. If the weather is nice, opt for a place with a nice outdoor patio. Or if it is chilly, get comfortable and cozy on the couches.

Cooking Class: Grab your girls and head to the nearest cooking class. Most cooking classes offer special group rates and (even better) allow you to BYOW (bring your own wine). Prepare for lots of laughs and tasty treats!

Exercise Class: Friends of a feather workout together? Sure, why not. Some studios, gyms, or YMCA’s offer a class or two where you can invite a guest. Try picking a fun class that you know you girls will all get a kick out of. Try some sort of dance class that could be interesting. Added bonus? You burn some calories and get your gossip in.

Whether you stay in or go out, a girls night is a must. You will be happy that you spent the money and made the memories. When life gets to crazy and too much to handle, there is nothing like a glass of a wine and your best friends to bring you back to reality.

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MARY EDWARDS is one of the contributors and editors for dating websites . She is passionate about thought leadership writing, and regularly contributes to various career, social media, public relations, branding, parenting, and online dating communities. She can be reached at edwardsmary936@gmail.com.

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