Hey Girlfriend, if you’re like many of us, it’s been a while since you sent a card to a friend. Here are five great reasons to pick up a pen, find a stamp, and use snail mail to be a better girlfriend.

Friendship greeting cards for girlfriends, 5 reasons to send a friend a cardThink about it: How do you feel when you go to the mail box? Do you feel that little jolt of expectation? That little hint of anticipation that something fabulous might be there waiting for you? And then are you thoroughly disappointed with the pile of bills, circulars, and junk mail you actually receive?

When was the last time you found something in your mailbox that made you smile? We have all gotten so caught up in email and texting that the art of sending something snail mail is all but forgotten. And simply because it is such a rarity, it makes a huge difference to get a personal, handwritten card from a friend.

Perhaps you are great at remembering to send cards for birthdays and anniversaries. But there are so many more times when reaching out to a girlfriend can completely turn her day around.

Celebrate and CommemorateSmilebox

Cards are not just for celebrating birthdays anymore. Did you work hard together on a fundraiser? Celebrate your success with a card and a note of thanks. Why not send a card to remember the time you two had a crazy adventure? When something you hear on the radio or read in the newspaper makes you think of your friend, why not capture that moment and send a card?

Important (or not so Important) Holidays

The calendar is full of reasons to send a card. Not only are there cards for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparent’s Day, there are cards for Fourth of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Want to celebrate the really important days like National Lasagna Day or National Ice Cream Month? You may have to create your own card, but that makes it even more unexpected and fun!

Get Well

When your friend isn’t feeling well and you’re not able to visit in person, sending a card is a great way to tell her you’re thinking of her. Why not include a homemade ‘coupon’ for getting together for a cup of coffee when she’s feeling better?


Some things jump out as occasions for congratulations, and we generally recognize them. But as her BFF, you can recognize the not-so-obvious times that an ‘atta-girl’ will make a difference. Perhaps she just completed her first marathon? Or her first run around the block? Either way, congratulations are in order. What about congratulating her on the completion of a huge project at work? Or for taking on a new volunteer opportunity?

How about sending a card when your girlfriend has finally done something she’s wanted to do for a long time? If she’s finally climbed to the top of a local mountain, send a card! (In my case, I expect my friends to celebrate if I ever get rid of the life size dust bunnies inhabiting the area under my stairs!)

Just Because

The best reason for sending a card to a friend is no reason at all. Make the effort just because you were thinking of her. Remember to match the card to her personality and you will make an impression that simply can’t compete with email.

Be the kind of girlfriend you’d love to have – be thoughtful, caring, funny – send a card!

What are your favorite times to send a card? What was the best unexpected card you ever received?

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Judi is Chief of Card-mania at Girlfriendology.com. Having written this blog, she is now inspired to send many more cards to many more friends—and she hopes you are inspired to do the same!

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