Friendship American FlagFriends ask: What can we do? Remembering 9/11 and Living Fearlessly – Jacqueline Wales insights.

I knew that the 10th anniversary of 9/11 would be heavy, but I had no idea that it would bring me back to the day that my husband and I STOOD in front of the TV for hours – afraid to move and miss anything. I remember gathering that night at our church that was in the midst of construction and standing in a cement and building-materials environment that looked strangely like it too had been bombed. I remember holding hands with strangers as we prayed for the victims, rescue workers, families, friends, government leaders and all of us dealing with strong emotions of fear, hate, pain, sadness.

I don’t think I’d experienced fear like that ever before or, probably, ever since. It was all-encompassing. Fear of the unknown, the people who hated us so badly that they’d do that, fear of what was to come.

Jacqueline Wales, author of The Fearless Factor, put it into words like this:

In memory – by Jacqueline Wales, Author of The Fearless Factor,

This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of the horrific 9/11 tragedy that struck our country, and I would like to remember all those who lost their lives, or who suffered loss or injury.

This event, like other major life-changing events leaves an indelible memory. I was in Paris at the time, and had just picked my daughter up from school, and was sitting in the corner bakery drinking coffee.While the kids had their tarte aux pommes and chocolate chaud, an American mother in the group received a phone call from New York to tell her what had happened, and as she explained it to us, we sat in disbelief. Watching the towers come down on the news later that day took my breath away, and I knew everything had changed for good.

American friends came to my apartment and asked what do we do? My response was we continue as we are. We do nothing different, except pay attention to the things that matter most in our lives. If we live our lives in fear for our lives, then the people who bring carnage to the world will have won, and we can never allow that to happen. Fear makes us losers, not winners. It was probably my first real understanding that this was to become my life work. To help people move out of fear and into empowerment.

This weekend, I’d like you to take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve where to buy maxalt online come during these 10 years. At the time, you may have decided to do something with your life, or to pay more attention to your family. You may have reflected on how short life is, and decided to do something meaningful with your time here.

The question at this time is… have you fulfilled the promises you made to yourself back then? Have you moved out of fear, and into strength and achievement?

As we remember this solemn occasion, and the possible threat of yet another incident, please remember that you have a choice to live in fear, or reject it. Fear is a choice. My hope is that you choose to be free from fear, and in doing so, bring the spirit of life to everything you do.

Fearlessly, Jacqueline

How are you feeling about 9/11? What did you learn from this terrible tragedy? Are you living fearlessly?

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