“The thing that you want to do most, do that. Absolutely eat dessert first.” —  Joss Whedon

Have a Double-Scoop of Happiness TodayDouble scoop of happiness, friendship, elements of happiness

Greetings girlfriends! Today we are going to celebrate one of those fun, obscure, yet oh-so-awesome holidays. It’s “Eat an Extra Dessert Day.” While the genesis of the holiday is a bit obscure, the celebration part is pretty self-explanatory. That means you can – just for today – shed any sort of guilt you might associate with indulging your sweet tooth and focus on the sheer happiness you may associate with dessert – and then some.

Now, if you really want this to be a happiness-of-the-scale day, I suggest getting together with some of your best girlfriends and plan a dessert event. It might be an evening outing to one of those shi-shi restaurants known for their dessert menu. Just order desserts (plural) and enjoy them with wine or coffee and of course, great conversation.

Or, if you and your girlfriends are ambitious, you might think about doing a little dessert creation of your own. If your girlfriends are always hinting about your special chocolate chip cookies, or sugar-crusted flan, or cherry cobbler – today is certainly a special occasion. Invite your friends to participate with their recipes and make it a dessert buffet. The good thing about this is you don’t have to choose to indulge in just one dessert.

While it’s certainly not a good idea to consider some low, cal, low carb, sugar-free selections in your planning, I’m not suggesting that you go crazy out of your way to make protein-rich Twinkies or flourless chocolate cake. Still, if healthy desserts are in your sweet treat arsenal or your girlfriends would appreciate the effort, have at it!

You can also keep it super-simple. Just go to the grocery store, pick up a few pints of your favorite flavors of ice cream (splurge a little), invite the girls over and go for it. This is all about taking advantage of a special occasion – fake holiday or not – to raise the needle on your happiness scale.

As you let your mind wrap around the possibilities of the day, remember three things as you make your plan:

  1. It’s just one day; no guilt – only happiness.
  1. It’s not Eat Two or Three Desserts Day, so you get to define the number that “Extra” relates to.
  1. Stressed is Dessert spelled backward. Have dessert, have less stress.

And if you find yourself reading this and it’s too late, remember to mark your calendar for next year. That will give you more than enough time to plan for an amazing, tasty and very happy holiday with your dessert-loving girlfriends. And who doesn’t have a few of those!