What’s your girlfriend advice for de-cluttering your closet?

Money Closet Sarah Jessica GirlfriendologyI don’t know a single woman (especially me) who wears everything in her closet. Most of us could use a good de-clutter of our closets, right? We have lots of clothes, but often can’t find anything to wear (that seems to happen to me most on busy days). And it takes so much time to stare at everything and decide nothing will do. Yet somehow unless I rip or stain something, I almost never get rid of clothing. You never know when you’ll need that top, right?

Fashion expert and Girlfriend Guru DONNA GAMACHE shares great girlfriend advice for de-cluttering our closets and freeing up space in our minds and our day. And freeing up space in our closets, because I saw a great pair of shoes the other day…

Ever had one of those mornings when you cannot decide what to wear? Your closet appears full but you cannot find anything? Well, it shouldn’t be that way. Waking up in the morning is typically started by entering your closet and choosing the day’s outfit. This may be cumbersome if your closet is disorganized. Experts suggest that when your environment is cluttered your ability to focus is restricted. Thus, chaos begins your day and you started out less productive without even tackling your first project at work.

Effects of Clutter

In order to begin the day on the “good foot”, you should be able to look in your closet and easily choose what you need to move forward with your day. One study conducted found that clutter raises stress levels in women. Another study found that when physical clutter is among your surroundings it competes for your attention, decreases your performance, and increases stress. Clutter weighs you down. Get rid of the clutter that is in your closet and clear your mind for the other more important areas of your life.

Making Changes

You may have to ask yourself why your closet looks and feels this way. For most people, their closet often reflects their inner world. You may be holding onto hurt and pain or the thought of redemption. The only way to move past these feelings is to face them head on. Start the de-cluttering process by learning to dress for today. Outdated wardrobes can keep us lodged in the past because of the memories associated with them. Let go of the shoes your mother gave you on your birthday that you never wore because you didn’t’ care for the style. You aren’t doing her any justice by keeping them. It is the same thing as never wearing them. Your closet should be your first sanctuary of the day. De-clutter and organize for a better start.

Moving Forward

Clutter-free closets provide for an easy transition from home to work. The ability to move forward is not halted and your decisiveness will be quick and efficient. Being free of clutter will provide peace of mind for the beginning of your day. Your inner world reflects your outer world. Having a clean closet will allow for more positive energy to flow. Positive is how you want to start your day. Finally, an organized closet space gives harmony to your day as well as your mental well-being.

Do you any experiences of how de-cluttering your closet affected your day? your life? Please share…we would love to hear.

DONNA GAMACHE, speaker, author, and coach works with clients to help them create a Powerful Presence. Find her help in de-cluttering on her website. She has two published books and hosts the monthly Gamache Panache radio show. Email Donna at Donna@DonnaGamache.com for your free personal style analysis. And, visit www.DonnaGamache.com for more blogs and information about how to live your personal style from the inside out.

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p.s. As a reader shared, you can also swap your old clothes with friends.

What friend would you dare to clean out and organize your closet with? Any organizational/ closet girlfriend advice? Share!



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