Day 8 12 days of friendshipLaughter is the shortest distance between two people. ~Victor Borge

When a friend REALLY makes you laugh, do you snort? Do you giggle? Make funny noises? Don’t you love how laughing with a girlfriend makes you ‘drop your stress?’

It’s Day 8 of our 12 Days of Friendship and we’re celebrating funny friends and the wonderful gift of laughter with the women who make us laugh on a regular basis!

What do you get when you combine fabulous drag queens, ugly Christmas Sweaters and girlfriends? A hilarious evening with friends!

My friend Penny gathered up a mini-van of girlfriends this past Sunday night for ‘Gay Bingo.’ It’s a hilarious fund-raiser for Carecole – a local non-profit that cares for families with HIV/AIDS. From the hilarious drag queen Bingo-caller (with a FABULOUS wig that ‘she’ insisted was NOT a wig! Can you pick ‘her’ out in the photo above?!), to the ugly Christmas sweater contest (yes, I got one at Goodwill to wear and congrats to Penny for being a winner!), to forcing me to sing ‘Jingle Bells’ solo while collecting dollars for Carecole – it was a scream!

The friendship ‘gifts’ of the night? I got to know Penny’s girlfriends a little better. I’ve seen them all before, but now we’ve shared laughter – the kind that we’ll laugh even more about in the future. I had a fabulous, funny, memorable evening with the girls – a night away from stress or worries, thoughts about the dang holiday card that is not designed much less created yet, or any other holiday stress. It was a gift – of laughter with girlfriends!

Laugher friendship quoteEven if your week is hectic (whose isn’t, right?!), take some time for laughter with your girlfriends over the holidays. Find something funny to do like watch a Holiday movie (we’ve got a great Must-See Top 10 Romantic Holiday Movies list!), stop your busy schedule for a coffee or glass of wine together, bake some cookies – together, call up a long-distance friend to share your holidays – just make an effort to connect, they’ll appreciate it and you.

And come back tomorrow as we continue our 12 days of Friendship with a special reminder we all need during the holidays.

What girlfriends make you laugh? Who do you call when you need cheered up? Celebrate these great girlfriends of humor relief (:

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