Day 5 12 days of friendshipIt can start with a gesture, a few words, a simple misunderstanding … and a friendship can tear apart beyond mending.

It was a small, especially in light of so many other important things, tiny-small difference of opinion. Based on our personal egos and stubbornness to, god-forbid, be ‘wrong,’ it took on a life of it’s own and it permanently damaged a dear friendship that had survived for two decades, through bottles of wine and conversations, over miles of traveling to see each other and through relationships and share deep and silly discussions. Over something small. A TINY ‘tear.’ A little hole in the friendship that lead to unraveling a beautiful sister-relationship.

We’re talking about the 12 days of Friendship on Girlfriendology and we’re on day five of the ‘gifts of friendship’ – we’re talking about FORGIVENESS.

FORGIVENESS is our theme today because it is such an amazing gift we can give to our friends. We had the capacity to forgive and forget. We have the amazing opportunity to ignore our own ego and stubborn pride, to instead let the issue(s), mistakes or differences just wash away so we can focus on the amazing gift of friendship. Honestly, isn’t it such a BIG thing to have a true friend and such a little thing to say/think ‘I won’ an argument’ or ‘I didn’t cave in when she …’ FORGIVENESS WINS My Friends, it just does!

Girlfriendology Forgiveness is a giftForgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

Suzanne Somers

Plus, on a totally selfish basis, when genuine and intentional, FORGIVENESS feels good. It shows that we value that friendship to the point where we don’t need to be right. It says that our friendship is much more important than the temporary satisfaction of winning an argument. Seriously … friendships are worth more than that, right?

Forgiveness quoteForgiveness means letting go of the past.

Gerald Jampolsky

Let go of the past girlfriends. The holidays are a wonderful time to do that. Give the gift of FORGIVENESS. (I would bet it’s the best klonopin online no prescription overnight gift you can give, or receive at the Holidays or any day of the year.) Mend any tears in your friendships. Patch up the ‘thin areas’ worn by misunderstandings or different viewpoints. See the beauty tapestry of your friendships – the colors and textures that friends add to your life and the amazing strength of friends woven tightly into who we are and the dreams we can reach, thanks to our friends.

Patch up those friendships. Give the gift of FORGIVENESS!

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