Day 11 12 Days of Friendship“A friend is one who walks in when others walk out” (be that kind of friend!)

Walter Witchell

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year’s Girlfriends!

What girlfriends have been for you through years of holidays?

Who’s been a friend through life changes and stages?

We’re ‘celebrating female friendship’ in this Holiday, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s season with our 12 Days of Friendship. We’ve celebrated the gifts of knowing our friends are there for us, girlfriend traditions, our cheerleader/supportive girlfriends, friends that makes us laugh and more fabulous gifts of friendship. Today, number 11 of 12 days of Friendship we’re celebrating the friends who are there for us through life changes and life stages.

Having focused on female friendship for the past six years has been really interesting. So many of our friendships have originated with life stages and changes. Teen girls who seem to love their independence but still seem to dress just like their best friends. New moms who bond together. Divorced women find comfort in friendship with others who understand what they’ve been through. Bloggers love to meet other bloggers, co-workers share common experiences and build friendships, women who share common bonds – bond. We often connect with women based on shared life stages and when our life stages change – and those connections often lead to strong, wonderful friendships!

Today we’re celebrating the friends who stay in our lives through life changes and stages. They’re the girlfriends who stay with us when life changes our direction – and they don’t care – they’re still our BFFs. The girlfriends who bonded in college and are still buy valium overnight delivery friends as their kids consider colleges. We’re thankful for the women who stick around as life changes happen and as life stages change.

What girlfriends who have been around for years? Who have been there for you through life changes, through other relationships, over miles and different marital statuses or career titles? Girlfriendology a friend is one, friendship quote

What girlfriends know your college nicknames and the original of your kids’ names? What friends have stayed by your side when you lived down the street or across the country?

Experience the girlfriend gratitude of friends who are there through life changes and life stages. Celebrate the women who have been there for you for years. And be the kind of friend you’d love to have. Life is better … with your girlfriends!

And, come back for the final great gift of friendship. 

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