day 10 12 days of friendshipI always felt that the great high privilege, relief and comfort of friendship was that one had to explain nothing.
Katherine Mansfield

Who are the friends you let into your house when it’s dirty? Or the girlfriends you let see you without any make-up? Or the friends you trust with your deepest fears, wishes or secrets?

Thanks to the women in our lives with whom we can completely be ourselves.

For this holiday season of gift-giving, we’re celebrating the gift of girlfriends in our 12 Days of Friendship. Today’s girlfriend gift of friendship: the wonderful comfort level of friends in our lives.

The gift of friends with whom you have a safe, strong comfort level is priceless! The friends who see you at the gym with no make-up. The girlfriends who share their secrets, support and lives. The wonderful women who know you so well and love you even more.

It’s that level of comfort – a ‘naked’ face, a dirty house, a secret wish or fear – that is such a great gift of girlfriendship. It’s the wonderful, accepting, supportive comfort that we share with true friends. It’s a ‘friendship gift’ of knowing buy cheap valium we’re loved and accepted even with a messy house, mascara smudges or uncertainties in our lives.

What girlfriends do you share that ultimate, ‘no make-up, messy house, etc.’ comfort level with?

the comfort of friendship quoteFeel that girlfriend gratitude. Express it with a note or call of appreciation for their friendship. Let them know how much their friendship means to you. Be thankful for the great gift of female friendship.

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