Udandi Circle Journal ScrapbookAre you THANKFUL for your Creative Girlfriends? I am!

My creative gal pals always inspire me. Katie inspires me to bead. Jill supercharges my creative brain. Andi is a wealth of creative ideas and information. She shared the following crafty idea for creative girlfriends (and girlfriend gifts!):

I have friends from high school (two even date back to first grade) who I see on a regular basis. Earlier this year, I gave them scrapbook paper with a request that they together pages for each other for a scrapbook. I hosted the night where we assembled the book and enjoyed many good laughs at all the photos and memories we dug up! Though this book is close to full, I plan to start another to keep chronicling our friendships.

This past week, we got together at a friend’s house who is on bed rest (she’s fine, just needs to take it easy) and I was so happy to be able to give her the album to keep her company!

Here’s a link to the post outlining the circle journal scrapbook project.

Thanks Andi for sharing! Do you have any crafty girlfriends? Pass this on blog on to them. Get a bunch of creative girlfriends together and create your own journals or scrapbooks. The holidays are coming – make some scrapbooks as girlfriend gifts.