friendship, friends, women, girlfriends“The best way to have a friend, is to be one.”

I’m not saying I’m not there for my friends. I SO hope I am. But sometimes I’m not the great friend that I would like to be. Sometimes I drop the ball … forget a birthday, don’t call, don’t text back, don’t say the things I should say. Sometimes I’m not the friend I’d like to be. Sometimes I fall short in the friendship ‘stack.’

And, as the founder of Girlfriendology, I ‘should’ be the BEST of Friends, right?

But sometimes I’m like you – I struggle with the words, the effort, the time that allows me to be there for my friends. Sometimes work, people, life gets in the way of showing my friends the time and attention they deserve.

Girlfriend … you, like me, need to give ourselves a little grace. Hopefully our girlfriends do. Hopefully our BFFs know what it is like, why we forget to ask about their mom or annual review, why we aren’t there when we should be like when they’ve had a bad day or an argument with someone important. We need to forgive each other like we’d like to be forgiven.

Golden rule. Grace. Love. The power of Friendship.

Today … start over. Be the friend you would love to have. Be a little better every day. Just a little. It’s okay. We’ve all had those days – where we weren’t as good of girlfriends as we wish we would have been. Let’s forgive ourselves and each other.

Life is way too short to not be a better friend. Thanks girlfriends for your love, forgiveness and, most of all, your friendship.

Be a better friend. You’ll be glad you did.