Doing some Christmas shopping for your girlfriends?

Those often are my most favorite gifts to buy or make, and to receive. Girlfriends are usually very fun to shop for since we often can pick up on things they really want (and/or things we’d want to receive) and the wonderful feeling of giving a gift to someone who means so much to us. I love the thoughtful gifts that my friends pick out for me and the gifts I can buy or make my girlfriends that they appreciate and enjoy. That makes for a memorable, special holiday.

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But what about those times when we’re stuck on what gifts to give our girlfriends? We want to find that one, unique, special gift for our favorite female friends but we’re not exactly sure what to give them.

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How can we make sure that our present expresses our deep appreciation for their friendship, our admiration for them and how they inspire us, and our appreciation for their constant support and unconditional love?

Sometimes it helps to look to another angle for new ideas. In the business world, sometimes we’d find new ideas by looking at other businesses or different industries to see how they do things – then apply it to our specific situation. Based on this principle, we can get a fresh idea by looking at things a different way – right?

So, let’s take a look at gift ideas for ‘girlfriends’ – and wives. Guys have a totally different take on gifts (which is not saying they’re gifts aren’t appreciated) but they offer an opportunity to look at gifts and gift giving a little differently.

So, check out this article, then let’s give our take on ‘girlfriend gifts’ between female friends. How do we differ in our gift giving? What ideas can we use for our bests friends or advice do we have for guys looking for girlfriend gift ideas? Share in the comments – please!

Christmas Gifts for Your Girlfriend or Wife

Holiday Gift Guide

By Brenda Hoffman, published Oct 17, 2006

A lot of men become paralyzed whenever they have to purchase a gift for their wife or girlfriend. They may feel as though they are in a no-win situation because if they do not buy a gift then they will be in the proverbial “doghouse,” but if they buy the wrong gift they may be in the “doghouse” too.

Unfortunately women do not make this any easier on their boyfriend or husband. In fact, women are actually notorious for expecting their significant other to read their minds (1). They often tell the men in their lives that if they really loved her they would know exactly what to buy her. Therefore, when you buy a gift for your significant other you usually get one of these two reactions:

· A lucky guy gets a slightly trembling lip and a tight smile as she struggles to now show you that she is disappointed.

· An unlucky guy gets a withering look accompanied by a deep sigh as she shows you how you have failed yet again.

Is it any wonder why men tend to make themselves scarce whenever gift-giving occasions come about?

Some men try to please their women and overcome their disappointment by spending an extravagant amount of money on a gift. There are two problems with this approach:

· The cost of the gift is meaningless if it is not what their girlfriend really wants. (2)

· You will probably resent the fact that you have spent this much money on a gift that you know will not meet her expectations.

Now, you cannot give up before you have even begun shopping. Instead, you should know that there are opportunities wherein you can buy a discount gift that will either meet or greatly exceed your significant other’s expectations. So, what is the secret? The secret is that you need to make your gift personal (3). Here are some wonderful ideas to help you out when you are shopping for her Christmas gift this year.

1. Every woman loves perfume because the scent that a woman gives off is her signature. If you do not know what kind of perfume she likes, sneak a peek in her vanity. Giving her a collection of perfume and bath and body products that she likes will show her that you really are paying attention to her. If you want to get even more personal, you can always add the extra touch of giving her an antique perfume atomizer with the other “products” that you have chosen for her.

2. Jewelry is another item that is very personal. The good thing about this though is that you can find jewelry at any number of different discount gift outlets, however you are going to need to know what your significant other truly likes. While you may not be ready to give her a ring, you could always give her a necklace or a pair of earrings, which will show her that you truly care.

3. Even more personal than perfume or jewelry is lingerie (4). There are two things that you must remember if you are going to choose lingerie for your significant other. First of all, you HAVE to know exactly what size she wears. You do not want to mess up here and give her lingerie that does not fit because this will send her self-esteem plummeting. Secondly, you need to be sure that you are purchasing the gift for her and not for yourself. This means that you have to pick something out that she is definitely going to enjoy wearing because it makes her feel good about herself.

4. If your significant other has a pet that she truly cherishes then you probably already know that the way to her heart is through her pet. While you do not want to give her pet a gift and not give her one, you also do not want to give her a gift and not give her pet a gift as well, so you should be sure to get a small gift for her pet. There are plenty of places where you can buy discount gifts for her pet. You can even go online to look for a new water bowl or a cute t-shirt for her pet dog.

5. While you may think that electronics are gifts that only men can enjoy, this simply is not true. There are a lot of online shops wherein you can purchase these types of gifts at discounted prices. The trick here is to make sure that it is personalized. If you purchase her a cellular phone, then take time to charge it and program the speed dial. If you purchase her a digital camera, then make sure that you add some pictures of the two of you onto the memory card for her. If you purchase her an iPod, then make sure that you load it with the type of music that she really enjoys listening to. (5)

Regardless of what you select for your wife or girlfriend, your significant other will surely enjoy it if you have simply stopped to put a little bit of thought into it. In all honesty, it does not matter if you buy her a household item, game, painted glass, lingerie or anything else as long at it has been personalized. You also do not want to forget that you should not go and break the bank account in order to simply show her the affection that you have for her. This is why discount gifts are so great. They offer you a variety of ways in which you can endear her to you.

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Comments from article:

(1) Actually, I have to agree with this one. Often we do expect others to read our minds on what we’d love as a gift. As I found, it helps to provide a list. Or, as my girlfriend Katie did, she circled her favorite items in catalogs (along with her size/color preferences) and gave them to her boyfriend. No surprise that she loved everything she received last year. Help guys out – give hints or a list. Just make it easy for them to give great gifts – and not be in the doghouse!

(2) This is very disappointing for both the guy and the girlfriend/wife recipient. He resents that he spent a lot of money and she didn’t love it, and she resents that he spent money on something she didn’t love. Obviously, this is a lose-lose situation. Back to the first comment, help guys out and avoid this situation.

(3) YES! Make the gift personal! Make sure the gift you give your wife, girlfriend or (for us women) your female friends is loved is to make it uniquely perfect for them! Don’t give them the same gift as you’d give your mother or sister.

(4) Okay guys, just keep in mind that lingerie is often a gift you may buy as a gift to you, right? She may love it (probably depends on where you are in your relationship!) but we women often just like comfy pajamas too. Comfy, warm sleepwear is often appreciated especially for those of us women who are so cold in the winter!

(5) Electonic gift ideas for girlfriend gifts: XM radio,all kinds of electronics at Office Max,and Apple electronics.

Here’s some great places to shop for girlfriend gifts: Red Envelope (they have tons of variety and beautiful gifts), Uncommon Goods (like the name suggests, these are unique, very cool gifts), (I just did some shopping on this site and it was great, lots of cost-saving options), PurMinerals (fabulous make-up products), Illuminations (ambiance in a box! Candles and home decor items), Personal Creations (personalized gifts for girlfriends, guyfriends and friends and family), Femail Creations (more unique, great girlfriend gifts!) and Gift Tree (lots of options from wine to flowers, spa gifts to gift baskets – and more!).

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