Friendship celebrating with girlfriendsBirthdays, Wedding, Anniversaries, Holidays … We celebrate as a way of recognizing friends, family, history … lives!

We celebrate special days because they warrant attention and acknowledgment. We recognize the people and events that are meaningful in our lives. And we honor those in the past, present and future who make an impact and a difference.

March is designated as International Women’s Month and we’re celebrating the amazing, inspiring women who make the world a better place in little or big ways.

From the teachers who taught the teachers who taught more teachers, to the pioneers who fought for our rights, from the mothers who didn’t give up on making their children’s lives better and sacrificed on the behalf of their kids, to the artists and authors who have and continue to inspire women to pursue their dreams … we owe a huge debt to the women who have opened the doors through which we now walk.

In March, we’ll celebrate this month of Women with stories and quotes from inspiring women.We’ll celebrate ‘Women’s History Month too as we share about women who made a difference.

Who inspires you? Whom should we feature on Girlfriendology for International Women’s Month?

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