Love is friendship quoteHappy Valentine’s Day Girlfriend! Celebrate Friendship & Love!

Love is friendship, friendship is love. If love fails, friendship should remain. For friendship is the foundation of love. – Unknown

We hope your day is filled with LOVE on this Valentine’s Day Eve! Actually, we hope you have a day where you feel loved and you show your girlfriends how much they love you too!

We like to share our favorite videos that we’d share with a friend. And, being almost Valentine’s Day, we had to share our favorite videos about and inspiring LOVE.

Be LOVED. LOVE yourself! LOVE your friends!

What is Love? An amazing story of couple who were married for 50 years!

The Science of LOVE. For single girlfriends – share with your girlfriends! (And even if you’re married, why not tell him the qualities you love in him.)

What would YOU do? And yes, sometimes … LOVE is scary! 🙂

What would Ellen do for Valentine’s can you buy aciphex online Day? Here ya go …

Who doesn’t LOVE Pink? Here’s her awesome ‘True Love’ song – Crank it UP!


Another DIY Valentine’s Day inspired gift or decor – String Heart Art!

What are you doing for your friends for Valentine’s Day? Share below (& inspire!) Don’t forget to make your Friends feel special too! (Ideas below!)

Keep in mind, that some friends may not have a GREAT Valentine’s Day – so share these Valentine Videos with them to show them that you’re thinking of them. Hopefully these videos will brighten their day!

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More Valentine’s Day Friendship Inspiration: