Happy National Best Friends Day, celebrating friends and friendship Officially, June 8th is National Best Friends Day.

However, in my humble opinion, every day should be Best Friends Day. (or, even better – Friendship MONTH!) After all, female friends make girls/women healthier, happier, less stress, live longer and feel more beautiful. Girlfriendship is kinda the ‘magic pill’ to leading a good life. (And, since we’re happier and less stressed, we’re also better wives, moms, doctors, teachers, librarians, professionals, sisters, aunts and all the other titles we hold.)

(And check out this Fun Friendship Infographic on National Best Friends Day!)

So, in honor of National Best Friends Day (and every day of having friends), here are ten ways to celebrate your girlfriends and to make those friendships last a lifetime.

1. Spend time together. With all our wacky, over-packed schedules, time is rare and precious. But so are friends. Initiate some time together with your favorite gal pals. Dinner, happy hour, a walk, movie, shopping – whatever you enjoy doing together, make time for it and for her. You’ll be healthier, happier, less stressed and more beautiful for it!

2. Call her up. Remember “you had me at hello”? Your ‘hello’ will make her day. Who doesn’t enjoy getting a fun phone call from a friend? So much better than a work call! Just hearing your voice can lower her stress level and give her a retreat from the stress of the day. Call her up. Try it!

3. Make her a gift. Share your time and talents as well as give her something that she’ll treasure forever. A beaded bracelet, a mini scrapbook, knit a scarf or create a custom gift basket of all her favorite things (magazines, books, treats, pampering products, whatever!). Just make it a very personalized gift. She’ll love it – and you! (Inspiring crafty girlfriends: Jill MacKay, Katie Hacker, Linda Peterson, Margot Potter and girlfriends who started online craft magazine Totally-Creative.com)

4. Create a holiday – just for her. Celebrate National Best Friends Day every day of the year. Or make it her own personalized holiday – “Happy Becky Day!!!” Make it all about her – her favorite food/restaurant, surprises, cards, dessert/drinks – whatever makes it a special celebration of your friend!

5. Take a class together. Bonjour! Learn French, try your hand at pottery, knit a scarf, try beading – just get out of the house and learn – together. And remember, you can still pass notes and help each other learn – so much more fun with a friend!

6. Send a card. An actual card. Something that hides between bills and junk mail and totally surprises her. She’ll love it! (And, if you’d like to send cards for your business or on a more regular basis but through your PC, check out these free printable cards.)

Things only best friends understand friendship quote by Girlfriendology7. Volunteer together. Combine spending time with each other and spending time with your favorite charitable organization for double the fun. Take care of animals, make kids laugh, paint a school – whatever the task, it will be more fun with a friend ativan to buy along. Plus, you’ll feel great when you’re done because you not only did a ‘good deed,’ but you also spend time with your friend(s).

8. Take on a project together. Need the porch painted? Basement cleaned out? Garden planted? These tasks are definitely more fun with a female friend along. Take on one project at your home and then another at hers. Time even flies when you’re weeding when you’re laughing and chatting with a girlfriend.

9. Make a list of all the things you love about her. Remember the first time you met? What made you think you could be friends? How did that friendship grow? What things do you and she both laugh or cry about? What great qualities do you see in her that she possibly doesn’t? Write them down (maybe even decorate the list or add photos) then share them with her. She’ll cherish the list – and your friendship – forever!

10. Share your Dreams. If you can’t share your dreams with your BFF, who can you tell? Girlfriends are the common source of inspiration and encouragement in reaching our goals and living the life we dream about. Hold each other accountable. Celebrate your successes and encourage each other when things aren’t so easy. And dream BIG girlfriends – together!

So, how are YOU celebrating National Best Friends Day? Share your stories and inspire all of us!

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