Carol+Duvall+and+Debba+HaupertIf you craft, you most likely know our friend and fab inspiration, CAROL DUVALL. Carol was on HGTV and DIY network for years and inspired generations. She’s a living legend having been on television for 57 years! (That has to be a record!!)

I had the honor of being on the Carol Duvall Show about a dozen times (then taping more segments with her on a shopping network called ‘Shop at Home’). She is a wonderful buy levitra uk woman who laughs, creates and believes in the power of women creating.

Listen into this podcast with the GREAT Carol Duvall.

And check out her book, Paper Crafting with Carol Duvall.

Listen in for this fun visit with a dear creative girlfriend who has inspired so many of us. And thanks Mari and Rebecca for your call-in questions!!!

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