Carol Duvall national craft monthMarch is National Craft Month and we’re celebrating on Girlfriendology with crafty ideas for creative girlfriends – like girlfriend gifts you can make, crafts you could do with your friends, fun DIY ideas or recipes you’d share with your creative BFFs.

To submit your guest blog ideas, please send the following to info (at) girlfriendology (dot) com. We’ll we’ll promote to our 60,000+ female Facebook friends, Twitter followers (primarily women) and our thousands of blog and newsletter readers.

– Your Idea – Is it (a) Girlfriend Gift, (b) Craft that you could do with your friends, (c) a Recipe you could make for or with your friends, (d) a fun DIY project to share with creative women, or (e) some other fun, creative idea you’d share with a friend? (See below – you can send a link to a project you’ve already posted.)

– Your Info – Do you have a blog or website where we can see your creativity? Please share the link.

We’ll review your idea/info and respond. Then, here’s what we’ll need:

– Content: Tell us a little about what we’re going to make/do/create and possibly who inspired it (like what girlfriend you’d make this for/with). Share the instructions and materials/ingredients. NOTE: We’re open to sharing ideas that have been posted on your site with your permission. We’ll add a new opening/comments so as not to have completely duplicate content. Just send us a link and your ideas for how women will want to make it for/with their friends.

– Photos: Show it off! Take pictures of you and your friends creating the project, show the step-by-step photos. (All people in the photos must give their permission to be posted online.)


guest bloggers girlfriendologyOnce we agree on the angle, please send in a Word document with a short bio (75 words or less) and a photo* (jpg, 250×250 pixels is great). The bio should have no more than two links total. It should be well-written (in paragraphs, with possibly bullets/highlights, spell-checked and with proper punctuation) and fit the tone of Girlfriendology (positive, helpful content you’d share with a girlfriend). (We do reserve the right to reject any content that we don’t feel is positive, all inclusive for all women, helpful or that meets our standards/brand. We do not link to gambling/dating/diet sites or other links as we see fit.) We do ask that you also post it on your blog, as well as Tweet, Facebook and share with your online communities/fans. We want as many women as possible to read your guest blog!

Here’s some crafty examples on Girlfriendology:

* PLEASE NOTE: Girlfriendology is not seeking or accepting guest posts from outside companies/independent writers at this time – only BLOGGERS. If you are interested in advertising, a product review or sponsored post, please contact info(at) for pricing information. Due to large volume of requests for guest promotional posts from companies, emails may not be responded to.  Also, we will determine which links will be NO FOLLOW.