Do you make your own Girlfriend Gifts? Are you crafty? Do you create things with or for your girlfriends? March is National Craft Month and we’re celebrating girlfriends and crafts together!

crafty girlfriendsWe love our girlfriends and sometimes that means that we spend a little extra time making them a gift or getting together to knit or take a cake decorating class together. There’s something about being with our friends or doing something for them that brings out our creativity – and this is the month to show it!

In fact, we always love to share guest blogs from girlfriends with great girlfriend advice, like recipes for your book club or DIY projects you love to do with your friends.

Why? Because we love inspiration from our friends and inspiration on how to be a better friend – like the friend who makes and gives homemade girlfriend buy nexium las vegas gifts. That’s what girlfriends do. Here’s the scoop on girlfriend gift and craft ideas to share with women on Girlfriendology (we’d love to promote you and your blog to our 60,000+ social media followers!).

Speaking of, we just love guest blogs that share women’s wisdom – from recipes to crafts, to gardening tips or fashion trends – that’s one of the blessings of girlfriends, learning from each other!

Just in case you missed it, here’s what has been happening on Girlfriendology: