What do celebrities Brooke Burke and Spice Girl Mel B think about girlfriends?

Well, being the ‘ambassador for girlfriendship,’ I had to ask. Mel B was my first celebrity visit at the Frito-LayA Woman’s World” launch premiere party. First, Mel looks FABULOUS. She told the other bloggers that she does her work-out DVD “Totally Fit with Mel B.” I told her about Girlfriendology and our focus on female friendship. She instantly went into how much her girlfriends mean to her and said that she and the Spice Girls are still close friends. That surprised me but she said they’d been together for 15 years so were still great friends.

Host for the event was Brooke Burke, model/dancer/mom and blogger on Baboosh Baby. (Yes, she blogs by herself as well as is on Twitter with about 80,000 followers!) I was able to sit down with Brooke for a few minutes and she was genuinely very nice! I told her about Girlfriendology and she shared that for years she was so busy with her kids that she didn’t make time for herself or her friends. Now, at 37 with four children, she said she’s realized how much she needs her girlfriends. Her ‘secret’ to having time for her friends (and sometimes just for herself) is to have her husband make plans at least once a week so she gets some time for her friends. She loved the idea of Girlfriendology and said she’ll link to it from her site. (I’ll let you know on that!)

(Pardon the sound on the following video – it was a loud club!) Thanks Mel B for the interview!


Not only were Brooke and Mel B great women to meet, but so were the other bloggers on the trip. Especially fun were Andrea – aka: MommySnacks (we represented Cincinnati well!) who provided these photos (THANKS!) and kept us laughing. Christine – aka: From Dates To Diapers is doing great things with her blog, business and busy family of six children. I loved getting to know Lori from A Cowboy’s Wife – she is so smart, funny and a great storyteller. Katja from Skimbaco Lifestyle was great to get to know and also a very smart business pro (and looked fab!). Kelly from Daily Stab has a celebrity blog and was such a sweetie. Liz, the Los Angelista, was our hometown girlfriend who gave us a tour and made us all feel at home.

Here are a few photos of some of the inspiring bloggers including us in our hairnets at the Frito-Lay plant.

So, I not only met some entertainment celebrities but I also found some new blogger celebrities who just happen to be great girlfriends. It is ‘A Woman’s World’ and it definitely was this week in L.A. Thanks Frito-Lay!

Here’s me and Liz, Los Angelista, and the beautiful purse by Designs by Paolo.

Again, thanks Andrea for the photos!

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