Love, Miracles, Breast Cancer, FriendshipI started Girlfriendology over eight years ago because of Dana and Allison. Two of my dear girlfriends were dealing with cancer and I just felt lost and hopeless. I wanted to be a better friend to them and to inspire women to be there for each other. I wanted to make the world better – one friendship at a time.

Years and thousands of blog posts later, I’m still blogging and unfortunately I still have girlfriends dealing with the evil disease of cancer.

Right now I’d like to send out love, prayers and surrounding hugs of support to my friend Tami is fighting stage-four cancer.

Tami is an AMAZING woman who took on cancer with a vengeance that only a woman with power could do.

Tami is the author of two books: FROM INCURABLE TO INCREDIBLE: Cancer Survivors Who Beat the Odds and MIRACLE SURVIVORS: Beating the Odds of Incurable Cancer. Both share inspiration for others battling cancer with stories of strength and perseverance. Please consider these books at girlfriend gifts for women with cancer.

Breast Cancer Inspired Quotes – Love, Hope & Friendship

It is in honor of her that I share these quotes for girlfriends with cancer, and the friends and family who love them … Be STRONG Girlfriend. You never know who you’re inspiring.
Be strong girlfriend breast cancer quote

One of my favorite quotes for all girlfriends (because we all got our ‘stuff’, right?) … “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be WONDERFUL.” Annette Funicello
life doesnt have to be perfect

A reminder that ‘Cancer is a word, not a sentence.’ As my friend Dana used to say – she didn’t want breast cancer to define who she was, only SHE got to define who she really was …

Girlfriendology cancer quote, friendship quotes

The ultimate measure of a woman is not where she stands in moments of comfort & convenience, but where she stands at a time challenge & controversy. (our version!)  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Cancer Quotes, MLK quote

For a friend who needs cheering up: “Finish each day & be done with it … Tomorrow is a New Day” (and check out these 25 text messages to cheer up a friend!)25 (more) Text Messages to Cheer up a Friend, Tomorrow is a New Day


Always remember that you are braver than you think, stronger than you seem, and loved more than you know.” inspired by Winnie-the-Poohpink girlfriend gifts, breast cancer gifts, gifts for girlfriends


and this quote by Tami … “The Beatles say ‘All you need is Love.’ But those of us with cancer may need a little more.”

helping friends with cancer tami boehmer

and check out Ten Tips for Helping a Friend with Breast Cancer.

More inspiring quotes for women:

That’s why we’re here – to inspire you to BE A BETTER FRIEND – even, and especially, when life hands you or a girlfriend tough situations.

COMFORTING GIFTS FOR FRIENDS: HEALING BASKETS provides gifts to comfort and support the broken hearted. From sympathy, and loss to cancer, get well, divorce and caregiving. These gifts encourage, comfort and inspire.

What other tough situations would you like us to cover on Girlfriendology? PLEASE SHARE below!

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