Do you have a Girlfriend Book Club? (If so, what are you reading?!) I love my Book Club. It’s my favorite girlfriend tradition, my favorite GNO (or GNI – Girl’s Night In) with some of my favorite friends. Within five minutes of Book Club, I’m de-stressed, laughing and enjoying my girlfriends!

good book friend quoteOne of my Book Club Girlfriends, Judi has been kind enough to give her girlfriend recommendation for your book club. Here’s her review of …

Mill River Recluse by Darcie Chan

The main character is Mary McAllister. The story bounces back in forth in her life from her teenage years to present time, more than sixty years. Mary had a tragic event with one of her high school teachers and then an abusive marriage. After her husband died she became a recluse. Due to these two tragic events Mary developed social anxiety disorder.

Through the help of her husband’s grandfather, Mary met Father Michael, her best and only friend. Though she has isolated herself from others in the Mill River community, Mary was very interested in the lives of the townspeople. Father Michael kept her apprised of the town’s events, she faithfully read the local paper, and eventually she watched local TV news.  As a result of this interest Mary reached out to the people through anonymous gifts.

Mill river recluse book reviewThe secondary characters had their own effect on the plot. They were all linked by Mary and her anonymous gifts. These characters were the citizens  of Mill River, most specifically Officer Kyle Hansen, school teacher Claudia Simon, Daisy Delaine, Officer Leroy and Rowen, the daughter of Officer Hansen.

Throughout this book many people were not how they were perceived. Most of them, like Mary, were flawed in some way.

This book reinforced  the value of friendship.  Topics to aid in discussion is how do you show friendship and is there more than one kind of friend;  what is the role of in-laws after that family’s member is deceased, what kind of support do foodoholics need, and is it appropriate to take one’s own life?

What are you and your Book Club reading? What have been your favorite Book Club books? Share in the comments!

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