My first job out of college was in Houston TX. Not knowing anyone and having minimal funds, I spent almost every weekend at my girlfriend’s apt. on the other side of town (which in Houston means it was an hour away). Neither of us had much discretionary income but we enjoyed just hanging out together, exploring our new home town and doing anything free we could find.

Circle of Friends, from Healing Baskets

Paying college bills as well as adjusting to the real world, Paula and I had no money for Christmas gifts so we made up our own version of gifts. Before the internet and virtual worlds, we had virtual gifts. We didn’t go shopping or hang out at a mall. We gave each other little symbols or cut-outs of gifts that we would have bought for each other, you know, like if we had won the lottery! It was a memorable holiday because we put thought into the ‘gifts’ and creatively presented each one.

Last week was my friend Cath’s birthday. I love Cath and would enjoy nothing buy generic ativan online more than to give her a trip to somewhere with a fabulous beach or pay for something special that would make her days even sunnier like a gardener or weekly florist delivery. However, with $4/gallon of gas and other economic ‘challenges,’ those gifts will have to wait.

What do you do when you’re unable to spend as much as you’d like on girlfriend gift? What gifts have you received from a creative girlfriend that didn’t cost a bunch but meant so much? Please share in the comments.

Thanks Paula for that friendship and for being my thrifty friend when I really needed one! Thanks Cath too for understanding about the handmade necklace and recycled gifts!

NOTE: The photo above, Circle of Friends, is a gift of our girlfriend Caroline Chesire’s site: We interviewed Caroline for a very inspiring podcast. Listen in for ideas on gifts especially for girlfriends in trying situations like loss, health issues, etc. She gives great girlfriend advice! And, her site has wonderful girlfriend, caregiver, sister, mom, coworker gifts!