Who’s in your BFF Army?

Life, sometimes, is a battle. Stress, struggles, stuff can be tough. If you’re going into battle for your dreams and happiness, you’re gonna need an army on your side. As a woman facing the world, it’s not so easy to do it alone. A girl’s gotta have her army. A girl needs a BFF Army.

To be honest. As a gender, we’re really lucky. Loyal, dedicated girlfriends are there for each other. Together, we pool our resources and strength. We hold each other up when, alone, we don’t feel like we can stand.

I know. My friends have been there for me when I didn’t know what to do or how to move forward. They were, and are, the force behind me when life is a battle. Who are your Army?

Singer, celebrity Ellie Goulding obviously gets this. She recently released a song that is based on the friendship that we all long for – THE best friend who is the ARMY we need to face life’s battles. Or as she sings (in the video below), from ARMY about her Best Friend:

When I'm with you I'm Standing with an Army, BFFs, GirlfriendsI know that I’ve been messed up
You never let me give up
All the nights and the fights
And the blood and the breakups
You’re always there to call up
I am pain, I’m a child, I’m afraid
But yet you understand
Yeah like no one can
Know that we don’t look like much
But no one f*cks it up like us

… Yeah like no one can
We both know what they say about us
They don’t have a chance because
When I’m with you
Standing with an army

Who’s in Your BFF Army?

Hopefully, that is an easy question. You have BFFs who will fight for you.

But, if not, if you don’t know who would be in your BFF Army, there are things you can do NOW to make sure that you have the women on your side who will be there for you whatever battles you face. Here’s our girlfriend advice on finding those friends who have your back no matter what, who are your BFF army:


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