Happy Best Friends Day! celebrating friendship!Did you know that June 8th is National Best Friends Day? And August 6th is National Friendship Day?

Actually, FRIENDSHIP is so important that there are also International Friendship Day and International Women’s Friendship Month! FRIENDS DESERVE TO BE CELEBRATED!

We’re celebrating Friendship 365-days a year here at Girlfriendology! And for good reason! Friendship is a vital part of our lives and our health. Did you know that Female Friendships make you Healthier, Happier, Less Stressed, Live Longer, and Feel more Beautiful!? It’s true!

(Check below the infographic too – we’ve got 10 ways to celebrate National Best Friends Day, Friendship Day, and Friendship Month!!)

In honor of Best Friends Day and Friendship Day, we’ve created this infographic and hope you share it with a Friend!

National Friendship Day Infographic, Best Friends Day, Friendship Month


To help you celebrate Best Friends Day, National (or International) Friendship Day, or Friendship Month, or just a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday … Here’s:

10 Ways to Celebrate Happy Best Friends Day!10 Ways to Celebrate Best Friends Day or Friendship Day with your Girlfriends

  1. Meet a Friend (or several Friends) for a nice dinner! It’s a great excuse to toast your friendship, enjoy catching up, make it a celebration, and make plans to do it again soon!
  2. Give a thoughtful Gift. Give your BFF(s) something special that you know they’ll love. Girlfriends know us best so make a special effort to give her a gift that shows how much you appreciate her and her friendship.
  3. Send a Card. We often treasure special cards we’ve received for years so make it a good one! Write a nice note sharing your appreciation for her friendship, what you love about her, express your gratitude for her being there for you in the past.
  4. Enjoy a Chick Flick together. At home or in a theatre, enjoy a girl’s night in or a girl’s night out with your Bestie! Laugh, cry (but not for a personal reason), enjoy some time together just watching a movie, talking about it and maybe snacking on some popcorn and treats!
  5. Send your Girlfriend Flowers. Flowers aren’t just for romance, they also just brighten a normal, possibly boring, day. Does she have a favorite flower? Or, if she loves gardening, send a potted plant that can be re-potted outside. Make it your personal challenge to surprise and delight her with a thoughtful message to accompany the beautiful BFF bouquet.
  6. Phone a Friend. (Especially if/when she doesn’t expect it!) Call her on your way to or from work. Phone her on a weekend just to check in. Call her and let her know how much she means to you. There’s just something about hearing the voice of a wonderful friend order celexa 20 mg from canada that can completely brighten her day!
  7. Text a Friend. Sound impersonal? It doesn’t have to be! Make it personal, silly, sweet, surprising. Send her a Bitmoji of you with a nice ‘Best Friend Day’ message. Make her day in a thoughtful text from her BFF.
  8. Plan a Girlfriend Trip togetherMake the most fabulous friendship memories while traveling with your BFF! Make this the year that you hit the beach, head to the mountains, research NYC or a city you’ve been waiting to visit, or go international together. Make it happen. Life is short. Go travel and have a wonderful girlfriend trip together!
  9. Surprise a Girlfriend! Life can get a little boring, right? Why not surprise your BFF with a gift or event? Make arrangements to be somewhere she doesn’t expect and plans to do something fun together that she didn’t anticipate. She’ll love the thoughtfulness of your planning and cherish getting to make such fun memories together!
  10. Post it on Social Media. Go loud and proud about your friendship! Acknowledge your BFF(s) on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Share this infographic on Pinterest 🙂 with a dedication to a friend. Change your profile photo or share a photo of you and your friend(s) to tell the whole world that you’re celebrating National Best Friends Day and that she is your Bestest Bestie!

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