Benefits of Female Friendship You know that you enjoy time with your girlfriends … You look forward to Book Club night. Giggle like little girls when you share a coffee or wine with your BFF. And you can’t wait for a GNO (Girl’s Night Out).

Did you know that you’re getting healthier, feeling beautiful, and decreasing your stress level by spending time with your girlfriends?

There’s valid physical proof that we NEED our girlfriends. There are solid Benefits of Female Friendship!

I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun.

Charles R. Swindoll

Why do we actually NEED girlfriends? What are the Benefits of Female Friendship?

I did some research on the benefits of female friendship when I started Girlfriendology. I found lots of information online and a fantastic book about our biological need for female friendships.

In the book, The Tending Instinct, by renowned psychologist Shelley E. Taylor, she shows bunches of examples for why and how we women actually need female friendships and the benefits for having girlfriends. Here are a few of the examples from The Tending Instinct that will help us all understand some of the most meaningful relationships in our lives – our girlfriends.

Friendship quote for women make life fun

Friends make life a lot more FUN

Early research on the effects of stress was only conducted on men. Eventually, when tests on stress were given to women, it showed that we respond much differently than men. (Okay my paraphrase here: Dah! We know we’re different!) Back to the research. Men react to stress with fight or flight. Women, it was found over and over in research tests, respond to stress by a need to “draw on their friends, neighbors, relatives more than men do.” And, as Taylor described it, we don’t resort to ‘fight or flight,’ but more to ‘tend and befriend.’ We want to tend to our young and be with our friends – especially our female friends.

“The Tending Instinct” asks: “Who provides the comforting resources of social support, the tending that brings stress systems down and keeps both mental and physical health on an even keel? … Women. Women are not only the tenders of children, but the tenders of men and one another as well.” So, children look to women for tending, men look to women for tending, and women look to women for tending. So, it’s pretty dang important that we women spend time with the women who keep us healthy, happier and less stressed. We are much better off from being in community and in friendship with women – aka: we need our girlfriends!

Interesting this need for female friendship and bonding goes even into animals! The Tending Instinct shared a study done by biologist Sue Carter when she studied prairie voles – small rodents that form strong, lifelong male/female pairs. When the male voles were stressed, they ran to their ‘wives.’ When the women were put under stress, they ran to their girlfriends – or the females voles they were raised with. The need for female friendship is part of our DNA!

Research shows the Benefits of Female Friendship: Girlfriends make us healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful.

So, next time someone discourages you from seeing your friends or you feel too busy to meet your friend for a walk or coffee, remember that you’ll be a better mom/wife/home manager/etc. IF and WHEN you spend time with your friends!

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