5 ways to be a better friend to a friend looking for a jobMost likely, we’ve all been there. Unemployment. A job we didn’t like. Unsure what job we want. Confused or frustrated about what to do about finding a job.

As girlfriends, and in these ‘economic times’ as well as changes in our/friends’ lifestage, most of us have friends who are unemployed or may just need to find a different job. (Or maybe it’s us that is going through a job search or stress!) It’s a tough time to look for a job and a rough road to navigate – especially by ourselves.

As someone who wants to be a better friend, we need to be there for each other in good and bad, happy and sad, employed and ‘OMG, What am I going to do with my life?’ times. So, here’s some girlfriend advice on being a friend to a friend looking for a job (or who needs to find a new job) – our girlfriends dealing with job stress (and who doesn’t have that more?!).

We’ve all been there, so let’s be there for each other. Please add your girlfriend advice for finding a job or dealing with job stress in the comments area below.

1. Be a Friend. Listen. Be available to walk, talk or just take her mind off the situation by sharing some gooey cheese fries, chocolate in any form and a glass (or three) of wine. Friends are there for their friends and she needs you to be there for her. So often girlfriends are our personal ‘cheerleaders’ so ‘bring out the pompoms‘ and remind her of the great things she’s done, of her accomplishments and successes, and all the ways she has helped you. And, if she needs to cry or vent, let her – but try to offer some comic relief or positive news/insights to end the conversation in a hopeful way.

2. Share what you know. I’ve taught LinkedIn so this weekend I’m working with my girlfriend Becky on her profile and how to use LinkedIn to find a new job. Here are a few articles on creating a great LinkedIn profile shared by @MagneticWomen, aka Rhonda: Guy Kawasaki’s guide to a LinkedIn Profile, Chris Brogan’s ‘Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work for You and What Recruiters look for in a LinkedIn profile. (Thanks Rhonda!) Do some research for her – on companies and local job seeker groups. What else do you know that can help your friend in her job search? Or … WHO do you know? Share contacts! Make connections on LinkedIn. Review and proof her resume. Brainstorm businesses to explore. Find stories of how others got their jobs and pass them along to keep her optimistic.

3. Be thoughtful. Ask her how things are going but be aware and respectful. (I’ve been there before – sometimes there’s nothing new to report so understand if she doesn’t want to talk about it.) Check with her after an interview to see how it went. Meet for coffee or ice cream to celebrate a potential opportunity. Offer to watch her kids during interviews so she doesn’t have to worry about that. Help her find great interview outfits (possibly by shopping consignment stores). Plan girlfriend get-togethers or events at friends’ homes or places that are inexpensive so it doesn’t cause her more stress to join you. Stay aware of her mood and how she’s feeling about things. Identify if she needs to get out of the house and do something to take her mind off her job search stress. Keep her busy so she doesn’t have time to worry about things!

4. Practice Random Acts of Kindness. Leave a card on her door with a cheerful message or a bouquet of orange gerbera daisies. (-:  Follow frugal sites with her (share frugral advice like this from the LOL Savings Summit) and go ‘cheap shopping’ together. Reach out to others to find contacts and job opportunities and share with her.

5. Dream Together. Girlfriends often know us best so we’re a perfect  team to dream and scheme about our dreams. Gather some scrapbook or craft materials and create ‘Vision Boards’ together, explore the amazing options available for your futures with the wonderful friend(s) who will cheer you along toward your goals. And cheer for each other as you move in the direction of your dreams!

How have your girlfriends helped you when you were searching for a job? What have you done to help a friend find a job?

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Here’s more girlfriend advice on jobs and dealing with job loss and stress:

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