Helen Keller adventure quoteLife is either a great adventure or nothing. – Helen Keller

When was the last time you had an adventure? Sometimes it’s a good idea to plan something a little adventurous and break out of our routine. And who better to have an adventure with than your girlfriends (doesn’t that sound great?). And what better time than the New Year to plan new adventures?!

We’re so glad girlfriend DANIELLE FONTUS shared some of her great adventures and the life lessons she’s learned from them. We’re busy planning our next adventure. How about you, girlfriend?

Adventure is fun, but it can sometimes make us uncomfortable. I have learned that it is in those uncomfortable moments that we grow and learn valuable lessons. So what lessons can we learn through adventure and apply to our everyday lives?

I find that after every adventure, I feel proud, accomplished, empowered, and enlightened. I feel like I go through life a little more boldly; and that is my wish for you: to live life in a bigger, bolder, and more fulfilling way.

have a great girlfriend adventuresLet’s explore some adventures, the take away lessons, and how we can apply them in everyday life. Please keep in mind that you may take away different things depending on what you’re going through, and you may be able to apply them to different specific situations, but I hope you can relate to how I’ve seen it play out in my own life.

Let’s start with adventure as a whole.

What lessons do we learn?

Through adventure we learn to trust ourselves. We learn that we are bolder, stronger, and capable of more than we thought. We learn how to channel our fear into adrenaline and play at our fullest. We learn what it feels like to conquer and accomplish something great, and we learn how it feels to be proud, empowered, and fired up.

How can we apply this in everyday life?

We can apply these lessons and feelings to any change in our lives, challenging situation, or difficult decision that may require a risk or faith. Knowing that we can trust ourselves, that we’re capable of more than we thought, how to channel our fear and what it feels like to be empowered, we can take on and handle those situations with a new attitude and greater ease.

Now let’s make it a little more interesting.

Adventure: Horseback riding

Lessons: Trust, balance of control, and going with the flow

On my first horseback riding adventure, I truly learned to trust my noble steed, Tortilla. Even though I learned how to steer him when necessary, it was beautiful to see that he knew the trail and watch him navigate it smoothly. It was then that I learned the balance of knowing when to relax and go with the flow and how to steer only when necessary.

In Life:

A friend of mine recently posted the question: “Are you what you thought you wanted to be when you grew up?” When responding I realized that although the title changed over time, the essence of what I wanted to do remained the same. Whether it was teacher, psychologist, or adventure planner, I’ve always wanted to be a leader, help people, share lessons, and do it fun, out of the ordinary ways.

I encourage you to think about your own career path. While there have been times when you were proactive and strategic, do you also remember when there were times when things played out on their own accord, sometimes not according to your plan? There may have been unexpected detours and bumps along the way, but yet you moved along in the general direction of the path. Here you are today, stronger and wiser because of all your experiences.

Do you see how this lesson can apply to other situations like finding love or even having a baby perhaps? It is wise to know and be clear about your desires and have a plan, but there is also a time to simply relax, be open, and let things happen as they will.

Let’s take it up a notch.

Adventure: Rock climbing

Lessons: Patience, perseverance, resilience

As with other adventures, rock climbing was more of a mental challenge than a physical challenge for me. I’ll be honest and share that I still have not conquered it: on the wall or in my life (but hey, we’re all a work in progress right?).

Rock climbing is the slow and steady kind of race. Doing this, you learn that one strategic step at a time will get you to the finish. Each step takes effort and intention that you must can u buy xanax over the counter commit to. The higher you go the more challenging and intimidating it can seem, and the more mental strength is required to push through.

In Life:

Think about some of your bigger goals: savings goals, looking for a new job or home, a weight loss goal, learning and mastering a new skill. These are all things that take time, patience, consistent and conscious effort. Even though the start can be tough, that’s when you’re the most fired up and committed, and then you get in a groove. Then…a plateau or a fall off altogether. It’s like we hit our threshold for success and sometimes you may see self-sabotage kick in. This is when giving up may seem easier than pushing through when we’re uncomfortable. This is when we must remember that we are armed with the knowledge and standing on the experience of what got us to this point. Even if we slip up, we started once and we can start again, with more knowledge and experience than we had last time, which means that we’re already in better shape.

Remember that this takes patience, which can be an ongoing battle. Here’s a little trick: celebrate the small steps along the way, and that will make the journey more enjoyable.

Now let’s take it to the next level.

Adventure: Flying trapezeDanielle goes on girlfriend Adventures

Lessons: Trust, leap, faith, let go

There is nowhere better than soaring through the air that teaches you the amazing feeling that comes from taking a leap. However, to get to the point of the leap, you must first learn to trust the support around you: the harness, the net, the guides, the practice lesson you’ve been prepped and equipped with, your friends believing you can do it and cheering you on.

In Life:

Speaking of a leap of faith, have you ever thought about leaving your job for a better opportunity, a career change, to be an entrepreneur or how about a career break to just explore? How about a relationship that you knew you weren’t happy in but had grown complacent in?

These are two situations that require a leap of faith, and if we remember to trust ourselves and our safety net of savings, friends, family, and knowledge that you are worthy of better and better is possible, it will be a little bit easier to take the leap even if you can’t currently see what the next step is.

When doing a flying trapeze catch, your eyes are not focused on the person who is going to catch you, but your attention is focused on practicing, preparing, and poising yourself to be caught, which may require multiple attempts and that you stretch yourself. A leap of faith may not be easy, but remember that you will not be in the position of new possibilities until you take that first leap.

Armed with these lessons, you’re already a bolder woman.

What lessons have you learned through adventure? Please share them in the comments.

I dare you to add some more adventure to your life and see what lessons come from it.

DANIELLE FONTUS is the founder and leader of the She Dares community, where she plans events, outings, and adventures that not only dare women to step out of their comfort zones and try new things but also creates a space that allows them to connect on a deeper level. It is her intention that they will be more likely to make more daring decisions in other areas of their lives. To connect with the She Dares community, please visit www.shedares.com.

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