Ideas for an academy awards oscars party
And the Oscar goes to … It’s Academy Awards time and we’re celebrating with our girlfriends. Are you having an Oscars party? And … Who is your Best Supporting BFF?

In the past, I’ve had an Academy Awards party which is a wonderful way to celebrate and view the Oscars. Here are a few ideas (and hopefully inspiration!) on throwing an:

Academy Awards Party for your girlfriends:

  • INVITATION – Pull this statue photo off Wikipedia or create your own. Tell them the dress code. Get them excited about attending your Oscars party! Don’t forget to send a preliminary list of the nominees so they can start their voting!
  • THEME IT – Think about around one of the top nominated films – here’s a list of all the Oscar nominees). Which ones are your favorites and which might lend themselves to a food, decorations or overall party theme? I have some awesome old photos of movie stars – those are a great decoration for Oscar night!
  • FOOD – What foods remind you of this year’s top movies? What genres lend themselves to different recipes or cuisines? Tell your friends to bring an appetizer or dessert that is inspired by this year’s Best Movies and see how creative they get! Come up with a drink or cocktail that is red-carpet worthy! My girlfriends Elizabeth and Dawn of PartyBluprints also have a recipe book for home entertaining.
  • DRESS CODE – The Oscars bring out the best in designer fashion, so your party could take on a casual version of red carpet attire (like accessorizing with these faux diamond necklaces!)  – or ask that everyone add a splash of gold to their attire or accessories for Oscar gold.
  • RED CARPET – You might not have that handy but you could throw a red towel or blanket in front of your threshold and even take a paparazzi shot of friends as they enter – make sure you have a flash to make it bright and paparazzi-ish (: Or, if you have some kid’s chalk, color the sidewalk in red or draw Oscar on your walkway.  Find ways to set the stage before they even enter your house.
  • AWARDS – Why not give awards to your ‘Best Supporting Girlfriends?’ Show them how much you value their ‘award-winning’ friendship and support that you give them throughout the year. Get some prizes at the Dollar Store – like fake jewelry, crowns, or spray paint bottles of wine gold then make a sticker label that announces them as the ‘Best Supporting BFF!’ For Oscar party prizes, buy some movie ticket gift certificates, mini trophiesor for a GREAT Academy Awards Party Prize, give this 85 years of the Oscars book!

The main thing is … get your friends together to enjoy time with you and each other! Celebrate the Oscars with an Academy Award-winning evening laughing and sharing with friends!

Here’s more Oscar Party ideas! Enjoy the Academy Awards with your Best Supporting Girlfriends!