Friendship Girlfriend Oscar PartyMovies, Movie Stars, Awards and amazing Gowns – must be the Academy Awards, aka: Oscars!

What  a great excuse to invite the girls over for an award-winning girlfriend get-together! (And, sure, if they want to bring some guys along, that’s – I guess! – okay!)

I’ve had an Academy Awards party for probably the last 15+ years. Such a great night to share with friends. It’s only two days away so here are some quick Oscar party ideas for you and your friends.

The OSCARS INVITE: Too late to send out fancy printed invites, no worries! You can send a party invite through Facebook or Evite. Evite has Academy Awards designs (like the gold envelope design shown here). Make it quick and easy to invite friends over for your fun evening. Invite them to come early for the pre-show Red Carpet review (and to fill out their ballot).

The ATTIRE: Do you want your friends to dress in Black Tie or their finest gowns? (Probably depends on your friends!) We generally (kind of jokingly!) put on the invitation: “Black Tie Optional.” Our friends showed up in a tux jacket with jeans or a gown and house slippers. (Note this could be one of your prize categories – for the best-dressed guest!) Or tell them to dress like their favorite movie – GAP clothes for the ‘Social Network,’ a tutu for ‘Black Swan,’ etc.!

The DECORATIONS: Make an entrance! If you’re really going all out, roll out the red carpet! (Seriously, if you have some!) Or get red fabric (felt?) or a red beach towel/blanket as the entrance to your home. Want to make them feel like celebrities? Set up a spotlight by the front door. Get some friends and neighbors to act as paparazzi and take pictures of them as they arrive. Decorate the house (and table) with gold stars. Pick up gold plastic ware and plates. Any film posters or photos? Hang them around the house to set the mood. (I have some vintage celebrity photos that I bring out for this special night.) Inside, make sure there is room for everyone to see the TV(s). (I generally have one in the bathroom and kitchen too so they don’t miss anything!) Pick up some cheapo sunglasses as decorations that guests can take home with them.

The FOOD: Great way to start the night – with champagne! Have your friends chip in and bring some food and/or beverages, they won’t mind! Assign them different nomination categories or movies for their food ‘theme.’ And, of course, you’ll have snacks around – like movie theatre popcorn and candies! (This blog lists some cocktail drinks for each of this year’s top pictures!)

The BALLOT/GAMES: As soon as they arrive, have them complete the ballot. You can find several online like this ‘official ballot.’ another fun activity is a trivia game based on previous Academy Award movies. Here’s several Academy Award Trivia quizzes or print off some of these Bingo Ballots (or make your own) to see who’s lucky in your party! (One girlfriend on our Facebook page suggested giving nicer awards: kindest person, most grateful, etc. – Love it!) If you’re doing your own ballot, get creative! Add the tie-breaker for some not-as-well-known categories – like documentary or make-up. Give points for guessing who will have the best or worst dress on, how long the show will last and how many references they make to Jack Nicholson or gas prices (for example).

The PRIZES: For prizes, find golden mini trophies if possible or spraypaint some faux awards (like a doll from the Dollar Store). Or find awards for the worst ballot and give them something silly like a tacky statue from the Dollar Store. (Not to pick on the dollar stores – they’re great for plates, prizes, etc.!) Often I’ve given out movie passes to the top winner(s).

p.s. GREAT idea by our girlfriend and NYT bestselling author, SUSAN MALLERY – to have someone giving mani/pedi’s to your girlfriends during the awards! Give them the star treatment! Love that idea – Thanks Susan!

Other ‘award-winning’ Academy Award party ideas? Please share!

More Ideas for your Oscars Party:

Here’s today’s Girlfriend Video Lunch Break – with funny moments from the Oscars:

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