As a child, I moved a lot. Every new school year in a new school was super stressful. Not because I might not have learned my multiplication tables as much as my fellow students, or that they might laugh at the way I talked (having moved to several ‘accent’ regions of the U.S.) – but because I didn’t have any friends, and I was afraid I might not find them.

Back to school girlfriendsFriendship … is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything. – Muhammad Ali

It’s back to school time and I’m betting we all have memories of those school year ‘firsts.’ First time on the bus – would any of my friends have an open seat? First time in homeroom – who would I know? The sadness of summer ending, it was time to find our ‘tribe,’ our group of friends who would be there for us as we grew up and developed who we are.

Even when we’re out of those sometimes stressful school years, there’s still the feeling of ‘firsts.’ First time we meet our neighbors or gym friends, first time we take the first step in finding new friends to play tennis with or get the courage to ask to meet for coffee.

Why not go ‘back to school’ on friendships? Here’s a little ABC’s of going Back To School on Friendship

A – Action. Don’t just sit there. Get up and do things that require you to leave your comfort zone. Start a book club. Join a women’s networking group. Ask a friend to meet you for a movie, dinner or coffee.

B – Believe. Believe in yourself but, even more, believe in your friends. Trust them. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Believe they want the best for you and return the favor.

C – Commit. Commit to being a better friend. Commit to taking a risk and making new friends. Commit to giving your friends time, being thoughtful, being a better listener … of being a better friend.

What ‘firsts’ are you facing? What potential new friends are in your life? How can you go ‘back to school’ on friendship? Why not try your ABC’s?

What are your memories from friendships and school? Any girlfriend advice?

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