There’s some talk lately on women feeling ‘unfriendable.’

one loyal friend quoteSeems a lot of women don’t feel like they have many friends, or have no new friends from the last decade or so. Busy schedules, jobs and families, too much to do and too little time … all contribute to a friend-less or friend-poor life. Lack of trust or self-confidence, insecurities and scars of failed friendship, cause us to shy away from new friends. We have our ‘Facebook Friends’ but they’re not there IRL (in real life) sometimes. We have social connections, but will they pick up our prescription when we’re sick or offer a shoulder when life brings tears? Will these online friends know that we’re going through hard times just by our tweets or that we’re struggling with finances or relationships just by a “frowny face”? 🙁

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives. – Euripides

Research shows that female friendship makes us healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful. REALLY! It’s the opposite of being ‘unfriendable,’ it’s the choice of being there for your friends, of being open to friends, to actively being ‘friendly,’ to recognizing the amazing blessing of friends in our lives.

Friendship – It is a CHOICE. I know it’s tough. I know your schedule is a mess and a stress. I know you have way too much stuff on your plate and way too little time to be the parent, partner, employee, etc. that you’d really like to be.

Girlfriends – It’s a CHOICE. It’s taking, making time to phone a friend. It’s putting time with your girlfriends on your calendar – be it a girlfriend book club or starting a girlfriend tradition, giving more thoughtful girlfriend gifts (that show that you care, that you would take time and be thoughtful for them). It’s deciding that you want to be a better friend.

Just think about this … relationships sometimes come and go more than we desire or plan. Jobs do the same. Kids grow up. Families always change. Soccer season ends. People move away. Differences happen.

If you’re lucky … if you’re really, REALLY lucky … you’ll have FRIENDS by your side through all the other changes in life.

Want a FRIEND? Be a Friend! Choose not to be ‘unfriendable.’ Make the effort. Spend the time. Show an interest. Find a new friend. I know … You’ll be so glad you did.

Still feel ‘unfriendable?’ I hope not. But we’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments below. We want to be your friend!

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