As I’ve blogged, the past three weeks have been so tough for us. We lost our sweet golden retriever Stella after a very quick illness. My girlfriends have shown their love and support through calls, emails, cards and gifts – and to each one, I am reminded how incredibly blessed I am with the best female friends. (And, I hope you feel the same way about your girlfriends!)

One friend, a fellow dog and cat lover, thoughtfully chose the perfect gift for us. This small angel statue with wire wings is carrying a (again perfectly!) golden puppy. Tears fell as soon as I opened the package and I knew that my friend Tammy had found the perfect gift just for me. And, I also knew that I would never look at that statue without thinking with love of her and our furry ‘daughter’ whom we so deeply miss.

There is something so special about a girlfriend who makes the time and effort to give perfect gifts. With Tammy, this no rx online pharmacy gift shows how valued our friendship is, especially since she is a busy lawyer and she’s never met Stella. This meaningful present will remind me each day of the girlfriend I strive to be – thoughtful and caring.

Thanks Tammy for your beautiful gift. Thanks for caring about me and for sharing in my pain – it does help. And thanks to all my other girlfriends who understood what we were, are and will go through. I strive to be a better girlfriend, because female friendship is so important. Not only to me, but through it I become a better friend and person to my female friends as well as my husband, guy friends, family and all others. Thanks Tammy for the blessing of your friendship. Thanks for being thoughtful and perfect. And, most of all, thank you for the valuable lesson I will remember from your example of a wonderful girlfriend.