Friendship women of the wine sisterhoodI just want to make my friends laugh. I want to make them feel that if they had a bad day I could be someone who provides dinners or atmospheres or weekends where we can all sort of go away and relax and sort of spend time with each other. I definitely like organizing things socially. Do I cook for them? No, no, no. I provide a place and some wine and we just try and make each other laugh.”

Drew Barrymore

What would be your perfect day with your girlfriends?

Would you go shopping? Go to a spa? Go on a Girlfriend Getaway? Would you be like Drew Barrymore and get some wine and just try to make your friends laugh? (She sounds like a good girlfriend, doesn’t she?)

Our girlfriends at the Wine Sisterhood had a recent PERFECT DAY with a Girlfriend – which I think could be almost any day in Napa! (I was in Napa for the Wine Sisterhood Gathering earlier this year and plan to go early 2013. You *might* have an opportunity in the coming months to join me – or participate in their Pin it to Win(e) it Contest for a ticket to the 2013 Wine Sisterhood Gathering!) They had a ‘Daycation’ in Napa Valley with their BFF and shared it on their blogs. Here’s their idea of a perfect day with a girlfriend (read more on the Wine Sisterhood Blog):

Taking Highway 29, they stopped for coffee and treats at the Oakville Grocery – sounds so quaint and fun! Then, they took off for Calistoga for a wild experience – a Mud Bath at Doc Wilkinson’s Hot Springs Resort! (Now that’s a real girlfriend that you get that muddy with!) After several cleanings and a massage, they had earned a nice lunch so they stopped at Calistoga’s most high-end resort: Solage and their restaurant Solbar for Fish Tacos, Fried Green Tomatoes and a nice Rose’. Actually, I love how they described their lunch:

After our lunch surrounded by local winemakers, healthy bike people, well-behaved, beautifully dressed children and blissfully happy people in general, we headed back south on Silverado Trail thinking about our next destination.

Some bubbly with other girlfriends and a tasting at Mumm Napa Valley made it a perfect afternoon. Driving makes one hungry it seems as next up was tapas back in Napa at Zuzu on Main levitra online cheap Street. What a perfect daycation in Napa with a BFF! (Again, read more on the Wine Sisterhood Blog.)

In true girlfriend fashion, the conversation and laughs flowed with every sip, bite, view and turn. (Thanks for inspiring us, Wine Sisterhood ‘sisters,’ to go explore in our own town with our BFF(s) – it is a great way to spend time with a wonderful friend!)

Why not take a day off to have a ‘daycation’ with a Girlfriend?

You don’t have to go far – explore your city. Get on a highway or byway and just drive. Go to the zoo or a museum, hike or bike, have a spa day or like our fun Wine Sisterhood girlfriends, have a few meals, a couple glasses of your favorite beverages (responsibly, of course).

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