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Girlfriend Guru and lingerie expert Miss Kitty Plum once again brings us her fabulous insight. In this segment, she explains the different kinds of panties and which style is best for which outfit. We love her girlfriend advice!

September is a special month around Girlfriendology – it’s International Women’s Friendship Month (aka: #FriendshipMonth) and we’re celebrating with 30 great guest blogs filled with fabulous girlfriend advice and wisdom. Today we have great girlfriend advice from Girlfriend Guru, MISS KITTY PLUM:

Briefs often get forgotten about, a mere add on accessory to the bra you buy.  Too often they are relegated to being purchased in multi-packs without so much of a second thought.  There are a confusing number of styles of panties available so here is my guide to picking the perfect pair of panties.

Classic Brief – This is unsurprisingly one of the most popular styles of brief.  It sits below the navel and above the

lingerie underwear bra Miss Kitty Plum Girlfriend Guru

Prima Donna Stockholm Classic Brief

hip bones.  So it is great for wearing under skirts and dresses that don’t sit too close t

o the body.  If you wear a flared skirt this brief is an essential as you don’t want you have the unattractive sight of you walking away with your skirt wedged between your cheeks!

Bikini Brief – This is similar to the classic brief. With the current fashion of lower waistbands on skirts and pants this is a good alternative so you don’t flash your frillies to the neighbors when picking up junior.

High-waisted Briefs – Another variation of the classic brief. These sit up around the waist and give you a smoother silhouette when wearing

something like a wrap dress.  For a long time, high waisted briefs had a rather frumpy image; however, with the resurgence of retro style lingerie there are some beautiful, sexy examples available.

lingerie underwear panties bra Miss Kitty Plum Girlfriend Guru

What Katie Did Maitresse High Waisted Briefs

Thongs – Love them or hate them, there is no denying they are the best option for wearing under pants and avoiding the dreaded VPL (visible panty line).  I have

never understood why women find them so uncomfortable, but I recommend looking for thongs with a wider side so they don’t dig in. Also consider buying a size larger than you would in a classic brief.

G-Strings – This brief can resemble dental floss and a tiny triangle of fabric.  Again like the thong, g-strings are not

universally popular and can cause lines where they dig in.

Boy shorts– These come in a variety of different fabrics. Whether you like the athletic style cottons or something glamorous in lace, these cute little shorts appeal to a lot of women.  They have the practicality of a classic brief combined with more contemporary styling.Do you have a favorite style of panties?  Do you wear certain styles for certain occasions?  What’s your girlfriend advice on pantie shopping? I’d love to hear in the comments section.

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Miss Kitty Plum is a dedicated lover of lingerie. She is a professional bra fitter and co-owns Plums Lingerie, a specialist boutique that stocks lingerie for every woman.  She also runs Lingeriechat on Twitter every Sunday where lingerie fans get together to chat through everything and anything lingerie related. www.twitter.com/plumslingerie.

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