friend niced things you can be quoteA friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. ~Douglas Pagels

One of the best things you can be … is a Best Friend. A title reserved for only the most thoughtful and caring, a BFF is a friend who is the sister you wish you had, the woman you’d do anything for, your partner in crime and the confidant that you trust with your dreams and secrets.

It’s not an easy job. Not every woman qualifies. Not every friend meets the requirements. It’s a honorary status reserved for the closest of friends, the best of the best, the female friends who, in being one themselves, teach you how to be an even better friend.

Even if it’s a tough job that very few achieve, it’s a status we should all strive for. To be the kind of friend we’d love to have, to be a BFF in good and bad times, to travel through life together through laughter and tears.

Be THAT kind of Friend. Be a BFF. Here’s 7 ways to be a Best Friend:

Friend who finds time on her calendar quote1. Give the Gift of Time – As Robert Brault said: I value the FRIEND who finds time on her calendar but I cherish her who doesn’t consult her calendar. (Our version!) Give the Gift of Time – meet for coffee, have lunch or cocktails, make a plan to see each other every month – and keep it! Just let her know that her friendship is a priority to you and on your calendar!
2. Genuinely Care – We sometimes work and live with people who do not have our best interest at heart. Sad, but true. If she’s your BFF, show her how much you care. Do simple, lovely acts of kindness. Give thoughtful gifts.
3. Be a Great Listener – Shhhh. Let her talk. Ask questions to find out more. Show you care through your BFF listening skills!
4. Remember the Good Times – She might be a bit ‘challenging’ as a BFF. Perhaps she needs a lot more attention than usual or she’s got a pretty bad attitude on life right now. Give her the benefit of the doubt. Show her you care – and laugh about the good ole days!
5. Offer Solutions – This is a touchy one. Some of us don’t want ‘solutions,’ some do. Make sure your BFF is actually asking for your advice. If you can help, do. If she just buy prednisone no prescription needs your support, give it. Help her through tough times. (Aren’t we blessed to have friends there when times are tough?)O
6. Make an Effort – A girlfriend returned from a long vacation to find a cooler full of breakfast foods for her and her family. Sweet!, right? Yes! My girlfriend did that and I loved it! Gauge your girlfriend to make sure she would like you to step in be part of conversations (good or bad ones!). Even if she won’t let you in the door during a tough time, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!
7. Be there for Good and Bad Days – Admit it, we all have them? Yep – bad attitudes, the feeling that nothing is going to go our way, aka: tough times. Friendship is the best solution for a bad day. Just listen, show her you care or buy her an ice cream (or pair of shoes!). Just be there for her, in good and bad days.

Are you a BFF? To Whom? Why? Are you her’s? Be there for your friends. You’ll be glad you did!

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