7 be's of being a better friendSign/word art is everywhere. BE Happy. BE Positive. ‘In this Family we …’ ‘Live Laugh Love.’ All of these words ‘artfully’ encourage us to BE good things (like BEtter friends!), to remember the important stuff, and often, to make us smile.

This typographical art offers little life lessons that also apply to female friendship. They remind us to BE a better friend and to live a happy life. So, we’ve compiled the 7 BE’s of BEing a BEtter Friend, the ‘Art’ of Friendship  …

1. BE HAPPY – We’re focusing on HAPPINESS this year in our ‘Elements of Happiness‘ series (every Thursday here on Girlfriendology!). Why? BEcause … we want our friends to BE happy. And we want to contribute to their happiness, as they so much bless us in happy ways.

Be Happy sign art2. BE POSITIVE – We don’t get to decide what life brings us, but we do get to choose how we respond to life. We can BE positive or negative, or even not even care. When it comes to friends, choose POSITIVE. Practice BEing POSITIVE. BE the kind of friend they know will cheer them up when they need it and will help them BE more POSITIVE. (Here’s 7 Ways to BE a More Positive Friend!)

Always something to be thankful for3. BE ENGAGED – When talking with a friend, LISTEN. Put down your phone, get off Facebook, quit multi-tasking and engage in the conversation. When you know she’s going through ‘stuff,’ call her up and see how she’s doing. BE the friend who cares, who makes time for your friends … the BFF who engages in her friends’ lives.

4. BE GRATEFUL – It’s true. There is always, ALWAYS something to BE thankful for! Where would you be without your friends? Not a fun scenario, is it?! Stand in gratitude for the wonderful women who bless your life. BE thankful for the friends who care about you, who help you through life, who care about you. And, as G.B. Stern said, “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” Show and share your gratitude! Tell her how much her friendship means to you. BE Grateful for Girlfriends!

Good Friends are like stars5. BE THERE – Like this art/sign says, Good Friends are Like Stars … BE the Friend who she knows is always there for her. BE the supportive, caring, reliable friend who is there when she needs you. I promise you, you’ll get as much, if not more, out of BEing there for her as she does!

Be decal

6. BE PATIENT, KIND, LOVING – Give her grace, forgiveness, your most patient, kind, loving self. As the saying goes, we never really know the battles someone is fighting. BE the friend who responds to her in love and support. BE the friend … see #7! (Don’t you love can you buy xanax over the counter in canada this BE wall decal! I just ordered one like it!)

7. BE THE FRIEND YOU’D LOVE TO HAVE – Would you like to have you as a BFF? Would you BE the friend who remembers special days and makes not-special days, well …, SPECIAL?! Would you appreciate your thoughtful gifts? The kindness you showed? Our mission at Girlfriendology, is to challenge and inspire you to ‘BE the friend you’d love to have.’ Make a conscious decision to give your friends the gift of a great girlfriend. Again, you’ll get as much, if not more out of your efforts to BE a BEtter friend as she will. We guarantee it!

Any other BE’s come to mind? Do you love word art? Does it inspire you?

Life is short. Friends and family are what it all comes down to. What BE’s do you need to BE reminded of? Maybe find some BE art to remind you 🙂

More ways to BE A BETTER FRIEND:


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