Paula Contantino, founder of 1000 women can change the worldThink you can change the world? Whether you think you can or not, you do. Your actions, or lack of, make an imprint forever by the lives around you, influence the laws and historic events and the lessons that you pass along to the children who will someday take over and start the cycle over again.

I love women who recognize the responsibility and power they have to make a difference in the world. They inspire me by example and word. They challenge me to grow and contribute to others. They give me a model to follow and standard for which to reach.

I met this type of women when I interviewed PAULA CONSTANTINO. A believer in education, Paula started law school in her forties. She practiced for several years in multiple states but, like her bio below states, she felt the need to follow her passion, you guessed it, make a difference in the world.

Her non-profit, 1000 Women Can Change the World, is built around mentoring women all over the world with life lessons that can change their lives. She speaks with Girlfriendology on this podcast with passion and commitment to make those changes and inspires all of us along the way.

Listen in for ways you can contribute and change the world, or just to be inspired to help our another women that you know locally. Together we can make the world a better place – by friendship and inspiration. Thanks Paula!


Paula’s bio:

As a woman who fully embraces continuous learning, I started law school at age 40, and believe in continuous learning as a way of life. We are all works in progress… evolving day by day.

Having been admitted to practice law in four states (NY, NJ, GA and MD), I was a trial attorney in New York and as in-house legal counsel for a technology startup in Maryland.  Working with “techies” taught me not to be intimidated by technology and the internet.

For a short time, I ventured into the world of network marketing where I learned the concepts of motivation and team building.  Then, I partnered with another woman and brainstorming together, they developed the concept of building an online community or team of women experts to help other women in business.  When we each went her separate way in May 2006, I started creating the concept and website for Women’s Support TEAM – an online one-stop resource for women.

As Founder and CEO, my idea was first to build a web-based resource with women helping other women achieve more success with less stress globally through Mentors, Coaches, digital informational products, affiliate solutions, articles, events, links to resources, and more at, and then to build a non-profit division.

Womens Support TEAM is all about women supporting women through not only the exchange of practical information but also with online resources to give back to others, embrace fun, pamper themselves, and tap into their creative side.  These latter sections of the website are still in the formative stage, but they will be expanding in the future.

In January 2008, I launched Find A Coach Online as a division of Womens Support TEAM at and (for buy xenical online uk women).  These websites make it so easy for anyone to find that “right” coach to fit each individual’s needs to lead them to their own success.

Now, I am following my true passion – the 1000 Women Can Change the World Corporation – this not-for-profit corporation (501(c)(3) (application pending) that I am building with the able assistance of my Board of Advisors. The current Advisory Board members are Linda Billiger of Boardroom Bound; Grace Palmer with Merrill Lynch; Nancy Mills, PR and e-marketing specialist, of Spirited Woman; and Bill Lamond, coach and author whose book Born to Lead features the Feminine Principle.

You may be wondering how I came up with this movement.  As the product of an extremely dysfunctional family that included being victim of abuse, I have always been a survivor.  Despite moving up and down the East coast and attending more than twenty-five different schools, I have been determined to not only turn her own life around, but to reach out and help other women be all that they can be.

Having been fully immersed the “the ole’ boy” world during my career as a lawyer, I believe that when we work together to help others succeed – sharing our expertise and wisdom – we all truly do achieve more – and it feels good too!

Giving back is rewarding on so many levels.

To date, I have focused on networking and building synergistic relationships, mostly with women.   I recently gave a presentation on building virtual teams worldwide at the International Business Women’s Conference in Washington, DC. Recently, my network has been expanding globally with Mentors and Coaches from outside the US, somewhat due to my use of the social network website, LinkedIn.

One of the best parts of the networking with women is that all these women reach out to help and support each other… so willing to share what they know with others and to spread the word both verbally and virtually.  This willingness of women to collaborate and share is the primary basis for the developing the digital information and disseminating it worldwide though this not-for-profit.

Since all of these enterprises are virtual, promotion so far has also been mostly virtual – via email, newsletters, online press releases, online radio interviews, search engine optimization, online social networking, women’s organizations, etc.

Moving forward, I would like very much to expand the public relations to include live interviews, especially on NPR and other media, especially to promote the 1000 Women Can Change the World movement… since this is a truly worthy endeavor with potential to create true global change by improving the lives of women worldwide.

In essence, we need your help in any of numerous ways… your expertise in women’s global issues and needs, sharing your knowledge as part of the digital information, and, of course, monetary donations so that we can move forward more readily.

Please feel free contact me at anytime at with ideas and suggestions for expanding, enhancing or improving our message and/or process.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our vision, and I sincerely hope that you will join our movement to enlighten and empower women globally.

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