A friend is like a good braDid you know that research confirms that friendships make us healthier, happier and less stressed? Those are pretty dang BIG benefits of friendship, right? Finding and building supportive friendships, is as important as eating healthy, exercising and a great set of inherited genes.

A FRIEND is like a Good Bra, Close to your Heart, Hard to Find and SUPPORTIVE.  – Anonymous

How do you find, keep, build those supportive friendships? How do you have and be a supportive friend? We’ve got some girlfriend advice on … 6 Ways to Have More Supportive Friendships:

1.Be a Friend, Be the Kind of Friend You’d Love to Have – When a friend told me that she didn’t have very many real friends, I had to hold back. What I wanted to say was: “that’s your own dang fault.” I didn’t, I was kind – but it’s true – we each have to take ownership of the commitment we make to our friends, to be their friend. If we want supportive, real friends – we have to be one. Be the kind of friend you’d love to have – you’ll soon find you have the friends who will be there for you.

2. Make and Take Time for Your Friends – Real, strong, supportive friendships don’t just happen. They are built on years of supporting each other. They are formed on countless laughs, hugs, tears and precious moments. It true about priorities – our calendars and checkbooks are a great indicator of what is important in our lives. Make time for your friends. Be there for each other. It’s worth every second.

6 ways to be a supportive friend3. Have Her Back – A real friend has your back, no matter what. And you have hers, right? It might be sticking by her when others don’t, or giving her grace or forgiveness. Know your circle. Stick with the friends who have your back and be that kind of friend to them.

4. Give Her the Benefit of the Doubt – Did she mean that thing you thought she said that hurt you? Really? Most likely, she didn’t. Or, she was having a bad day. If she has your back and vice versa, if you’ve been friends for years and tears, most likely the off-handed comment that upset you wasn’t meant the way you took it. Give her the benefit of the doubt. Give it a day then ask her about it. But don’t assume she is anything but a true friend, even if she’s having a bad day.

5. Be a Better Listener – One of the best ways to be a supportive friend is really tough to do – just listen. Care. Ask questions. Don’t interrupt or advise. Don’t assume or have your own agenda. When she really need someone to listen, make sure you can be there for her. She’ll repay you when you need a caring ear and shoulder.

6. Celebrate her successesBe sincerely happy for her. Care about her life, even when buy remeron online things are going better for her than they might be for you. We’re here for each other, right? In bad times or good. Be happy for her happiness. Celebrate her successes. Want only good things for her. That’s what supportive friends do!

And, what’s the BIG bonus of being a supportive friend? Well, the wonderful friendships will enrich your life for years to come. Be the friend you’d like to have!

What’s your girlfriend advice for being a supportive friend? Who’s been there for you?

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