5 ways to Beat the Heat with Your Girlfriends“Summer afternoon — summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” ? Henry James

It’s HOT, HOT, HOT here in the mid-west and we don’t want to let the weather stop us from enjoying summer with our favorite gal pals, so here are 5 Ways to Beat the Heat with Your Girlfriends this Summer!

1. Pool Par-tay! Whether it’s an apartment or neighborhood swimming pool, or a kiddie pool set up in your own backyard, it’s a great excuse cool off together by the water (whether it’s 10 feet deep or 1!). Freeze some margaritas (by the bag or bucket!), have some easy salty snacks (salsa and chips, anyone?), share your favorite beach towels, and crank up the summer tunes. Five minutes into the laughter and conversation, you’ll forget all about the heat and spend a perfect day with your BFFs.

2. Chick Flick Fun – Let someone else pay the electricity bill for some cranking A/C, right? Meet up with your favorite film friends and spend a hot afternoon is a chilly theater. Or, invite them over to your house for a chick flick-fest complete with popcorn, raisinets, junior mints and a sparkling beverage.

3. Ice Cream Social – As is SOCIAL and ICE CREAM! You provide the vanilla ice cream. Have your girlfriends bring the extras – brownies, bananas, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, etc. Hang out and be ‘social’ with your favorite buy celebrex uk friends and a sweet treat – what a perfect day with your sweet friends!

4. Pedicure Party – ‘Tis the season for nice toes, right? Pedicures are even more fun when you’re laughing with your friends! Call ahead to see if you can bring some wine and treats to the salon. Then treat your toes and yourself to a perfect pedicure party!

5. Play Hookey Day! – We all work really hard and deserve some time off. Why not splurge a vacation day (or a *sick* day) off to spend with your girlfriends. Go to a museum or mall together. Have a leisurely lunch. Go to an early Happy Hour. Shop, swim, hike or explore – whatever you and your BFFs love to do together. The conversations you’ll have and memories you make will more than make up for catching up on your work the following day!

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