girlfriends helping friends with addiction and recovery“The only man who sticks closer to you in adversity than a FRIEND is a Creditor.”

We love talking about a girls’ night out or shoes or summer movies. But it’s important to talk about more serious issues too. While we have the wonderful financial guru Miata Edoga to help us plan financially, sometimes we get into financial trouble. Or have a girlfriend who is facing serious financial difficulties.

It can be difficult to know how to help a friend who finds herself in money trouble. Guest blogger DIXIE SOMERS shares five ideas for being a great friend–and truly helping. What ideas do you have for helping out?

There is nothing worse than seeing a friend suffer. Whether it be a family issue, a medical emergency or a money problem, you want to be there for your friend. If you are dealing with a friend who is experiencing money issues, what can you do to help your friend get back on track?

Do Not Lend Money

The worst thing that you can do for a friend is to lend that person money. While it may seem like something that you should do to provide assistance, it can strain the relationship moving forward. There is a good chance that your friend will mismanage the money or fail to pay you back. That can lead to bad blood that doesn’t help you or your friend.

Go Over Your Friend’s Finances

What you can do is examine where your friend has gone wrong financially. Work with your girlfriend to create a budget that she can stick to. There are likely to be two or three expenses that can be cut right away that will lower her debt significantly.

How to help a friend in financial troubleTalk About The Pros And Cons Of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is always an option for those dealing with severe debt. A bankruptcy consultant may be the best person for your friend to contact. By contacting a bankruptcy attorney together, you are showing your support for your friend while not stigmatizing a potential bankruptcy.

Offer To Let Your Friend Stay With You To Cut Down On Her Debt

While you should never lend money to a friend, you can lower buy keppra uk their debts in other ways. One easy way is to let your friend stay with you as she works to get back on her feet. Allowing your friend to stay with you could save her as much as $1,000 a month or more.

Keep Your Friend On Track

Let your girlfriend know that you are always available to talk about her problems. In addition, you can also suggest good credit counseling services that are available in your area. Staying on your friend will ensure that she keeps attacking their debt issue until it is resolved.

Girlfriendology friendship quote creditor creditSeeing a friend deal with debt can be heartbreaking. However, there are things that you can do to help. Open up your home, always be there to talk, and help her seek options to get out of bankruptcy if you really want to help her succeed.

DIXIE SOMERS is a guest blogger for Get your friend financial help with a Chapter 13 attorney in Sacramento if she needs.

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