GIrlfriendology-mothers-day-quoteMy Mother’s Day tradition? Well, aside from calling, sending a card/gift and/or seeing my mom, my Mother’s Day tradition is to go shoe shopping. I’m not sure why, but I’ve done that for years and, heck, it involves shoe shopping so I think it’s a great tradition. (You’re welcome to make this YOUR Mother’s Day tradition too!)

Another tradition we should all try to celebrate is to make our girlfriends who are moms, feel as special as we can on this very important day. And don’t forget those girlfriends who have lost their mother, who wanted to be mothers but couldn’t, or whose children might not be quite as appreciative as they should be. They need a little extra TLC and girlfriend attention too!

Let’s be a better friend to our girlfriends who are moms!

On Mother’s Day, there is a very good chance you will find yourself in a position to add a little happiness to your mom/friends’ day with a simple compliment. Very much like a really good gift, any complement to a mom having to do with her motherhood – especially on Mother’s Day – should be thoughtful, sincere and specific to the recipient.

Motherhood- All love begins and ends there. Mothers Day GiftsHere are some ideas:

1. Praise her parenting. Tell her how well-behaved/talented/respectful her children are. (Always make sure the complement is honest!) Tell her the lessons on parenting that you’ve learned from her. Let her know how you admire her. Hint: the complement should be exponentially greater with each additional child.

2. Tell her how much you admire her taste – in fashion or food or music or book club suggestions. Think about the life lessons and insights you’ve learned from her and then show girlfriend gratitude for them. Ask her advice on your home decor or hair color. You might even complement her on her relationship with her kids or husband. Positive, sincere feedback on the choices we make is always affirming.

3. Ask her in all seriousness how she does it all, every day, and keeps a good attitude about it. Then listen intently when she answers. (She may have some amazing girlfriend advice!) We have so much to learn from each other!

4. Tell her if you could pick a mom, it would be her (and tell her why).

5. You might also think about complementing her on the non-mom related thing about her that makes her really special to you. Like the way she stays in touch with you even with all the attention gives her family, and her time management skills to make time for girlfriends. It’s okay to pick something personal. Think about all the amazing things she does and brings to your life, and let her know!

Here’s your Special Bonus! To make your own mother’s is it legal to order valium online Mother’s Day – simply ask for some advice. Chances are you haven’t done it for a while. It doesn’t need to be life-changing advice, just flavored with enough desperation or frustration to make your mom think you still believe in her wisdom and experience. Believe in it enough that you can always learn from and rely on her. Or ask for a recipe, cleaning tips or where to get the best deals on XYZ. She will be more than happy to help. (I know my mom will love this!)

If you’re a mom (of a human, pet or even plants!), Happy Mother’s Day! Take yourself shoe shopping! Take your girlfriend(s) shoe shopping! Celebrate the love that moms and women in general share with their family and friends every day of the year.

Our message for Moms (aka: Girlfriends who are Moms) on Mother’s Day!

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We love Moms and Non-Moms!

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