Secrets to a Great Friendship

I don’t want to imagine where I would be without girlfriends.

Think about it … life without the women who support us when we doubt ourselves, no one to share our sadness with, no friend to call on our way home from work to process the day, no BFF to share our dreams with. As the girlfriend quote says: FRIENDS MAKE LIFE A LOT MORE FUN.

I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun.
Charles R. Swindoll

Female friendship is THE relationships that makes us healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful. (If Oprah sold a pill that delivered these results, EVERYONE would buy them!) So, how can we have great friendships? We’re got a few tips for girlfriends to make life a lot more fun by having friends!

5 Secrets to a Great Friendship:

1. Shut up and Listen. Sorry to be rude, but we all get busy, have things we need to tell someone, and forget to be there for our best friends. Try letting her talk first and wait until you’re sure she’s shared all that she needs to share before you start on your life. Even if your girlfriends aren’t good listeners to you, show them what it is like to have a friend who cares and who really listens.

2. Make the time, no matter what. Work will always be there, so will dirty clothes, house projects or shoe sales. What won’t always be there? Unfortunately girlfriends aren’t always there. Friends come and go, girlfriends have houses and projects and dirty clothes too. Even if it is just coffee or a walk or a phone call on the way to work. Make time for girlfriends – she deserves it and you do too.

3. It’s not the big things. A girlfriend posted on Facebook today about a funeral she just attended for a friend’s mom. The kids shared great stories about their mom. Not one story had anything about gifts she’d bought for them, expensive trips or anything monetary. They remembered the little things – how she attended their games (see #2 – made the time for them!), welcomed their friends into their home, and how she made them feel loved. It’s not the big things – gifts, expensive purchases, spoiling them with possessions – it’s about time together and the little things.

4. Give her grace. Maybe she’s not there for you right now but she has been in the past. We all have times where life messes with our friendships. Forgive her when she forgets to call you back or can’t fit you in her schedule for a week or two or three. Understand that your friendship is still important to her. Give her grace and maybe a little time. Forgive her. Friends are worth it.

5. Make an effort to make it fun. Friends make life more fun, and that’s especially true when friends get together. You make an effort for your partner and for your kids – but do you make an effort for your girlfriends? Plan a concert, a special event, a thoughtful gift, and making amazing memories together. Start a girlfriend tradition (like book club or a gourmet girlfriends group) so you see each other more often. Just make it about your friends, and make sure to make it fun.

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