Celebrate fall and friendsIt’s Fall – which is a FABULOUS season to celebrate with your FABULOUS female friends.

So gather your girlfriends and GO! Enjoy the Fall and this wonderful season of friendship! Maybe even start a girlfriend tradition of getting together every Fall!

Here are five ways to celebrate Fall and Friendship! (+ BONUS Five MORE ideas on Fall Festivities and Friends!)

  • Remember when you were in High School and you went to all the football games? Get the girls together and attend a local football game. Show some school spirit and cheer on your alma mater – or the local underdogs.
  • Something about a breeze and sunshine through colored leaves can remind you to be thankful for all you have, especially when you’re walking with a great girlfriend. Plan a weekend walk together or a drive in the country side with a friend. Have a picnic in the park or tour a new neighborhood – just spend time enjoying time with your girlfriend(s) in the great outdoors.
  • Everyone’s concerned, and rightly so, about the financial situation we’re going through. It’s stressful, especially for women. In fact 30% of women rank themselves as EXTREMELY stressed. Well, being with girlfriends reduces stress so just being together will help. Another way to move pass this financial stress is to start a girlfriend investment club. Share your knowledge, read financial books together, get a guest speaker to come explain financial options and together buy clonazepam online overnight learn how to take control of your fears and your stress.
  • Get a head start on the holidays – get together and start making your gifts or cards for the upcoming holidays. Plan the craft and have everyone bring various materials, then share and inspire each other as you create together.
  • The holidays are coming and we supposedly gain 10 pounds during this season of parties, treats, drinking and often overeating. Why not get a head start on preparing for that by starting a friend-filled fitness group? Report to each other how much you’re exercising, what you’re eating and celebrate together when you lose weight. It’s a lot more fun together and you’ll all look fabulous for your holiday photos together.

All that really matters is that you spend time with your friends – every season, every month, every week and, yes, even every day (at least through a quick phone call, tweet or email message).

What fun Fall friend-filled festivities do you have planned? What are your Fall girlfriend traditions? Share in the comments!

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