5 girlfriend holiday party ideasLife may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance. – Unknown

We SHOULD dance, right girlfriend? Well it’s almost the holidays and it’s never too early (late, or in-between!) to rally around your favorite female friends for a little holiday festivities, right?

Actually, if you plan soon, you can beat the holiday rush and get the girls together to celebrate the pre-holidays. So, we’ve got some ‘girlfriend advice’ on holiday parties to get the friendly festivities going!

1. Movie Night – There’s something really special about hanging out with girlfriends watching a chick flick – especially when it is a favorite holiday movie. Tell the girls to dress comfortably (and bring their furry slippers!). Serve some snacks, open some wine, light a fire in the fireplace and turn on a holiday favorite like It’s a Wonderful Life, Elf, Love Actually, The Holiday, or whatever is the girlfriend favorite holiday movie!

2. “Office Party” – A lot of us work from home. We don’t have co-workers in the cube next to us to celebrate and decorate for the holidays. For those who have offices/job to go to, the people we work with may or may not be our closest friends, right? There’s no reason you can throw your own ‘office party’ with your BFFs. Plan a night to do something special, to get dressed up, to go to a new place. Perhaps suggest a dollar amount that everyone feels comfortable with and cater a meal so no one has to cook (and everyone helps clean up!). Surprise them with a thoughtful gift to remember the night and the fabulous party with friends. (Note: If you’re girlfriends are long distance, plan a Google Hangout or Skype Party! Make the same appetizer and/or drink recipes, pour yourself a ‘bubbly’ and spend time online enjoying each others’ company!)

3. Dance Party – Life is short. We SHOULD dance. If possible, find an open space, decorate with lots of lights, buy generic paxil have your favorite music playing and see what happens! Or meet at a dance club. Regardless of the location, dancing shoes and fun dresses required!

4. Cocktail Par-tay – Who better to ‘partake’ with than the women who you would want to raise a glass to in appreciation for their friendship!? Make the cocktail party especially festive with some special libations – like these from our girlfriends at Cooking With Caitlin: Holiday Spiced Bourbon, Hot Buttered Cider Rum or (our personal fave!!) Makers Mark Milkshakes!

we should dance quote5. Fireside Chat – Select a few friends and spend an afternoon or evening by a fireplace just catching up on the previous year and the goals for the coming new year. It’s a wonderful time of year to reflect and dream. I do this with a couple of my friends each holiday. It’s a beautiful way to stay in touch and share our lives. I highly recommend it!

Bonus Holiday *Party* – really isn’t a typical party. Why not volunteer somewhere with your BFFs? A ‘soup kitchen,’ donating and/or wrapping gifts for children who Santa might forget, at an animal rescue – try to help these wonderful pets find a home for the holidays. We could all be reminded of what’s really important at the holidays and all throughout the year – the gift of friendship, family, health and home. I’m pretty sure time spent with a friend volunteering is even more rewarding than shopping, dining or texting. Try it!

What Girlfriend Holiday Parties are YOU planning? Share your ideas below in the comments and inspire other women!


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