sparkle, quote,women,inspire,inspirationNever let anyone steal your SPARKLE.

Girlfriends have a wonderful way of bringing light and hope into our lives, right? Okay – well the GREAT Girlfriends do, but that’s our goal here at Girlfriendology, to be a GREAT Friend and that means we inspire our girlfriends to believe in themselves, feel beautiful and never let anyone steal their sparkle.

In the spirit of inspiring each other, here’re our 5 EASY ways YOU can inspire your Girlfriends …

1. Be POSITIVE. It’s easy to go negative but it’s inspiring NOT to. Be the friend who takes the supportive, affirmative, SPARKLY and helps her see the good over the bad. It may take a little effort to be positive when it would be so easy to go the opposite direction, but it’s kinda funny how being positive (even if you’re *kinda* just acting like it) can actually make you and her feel that way.

2. Be THOUGHTFUL and KIND. It just takes a moment to be thoughtful and kind. Be there for her on a bad day. Listen. Make her laugh. Inspire her by going a little further in your friendship – giving thoughtful girlfriend gifts, offering to run errands when you know she is completely overwhelmed, calling her when she needs to talk, asking about her day or performance review. It only takes a moment to be thoughtful – and I’m pretty sure you’ll inspire her to be there for you when you need her too!

life is a beautiful ride3. Make it just about HER. My BFF Cath is doing amazing bike races this summer – like 100 miles in one day! Make your girlfriends feel special by showing up when they do something *crazy* like ride 100 miles! Or give her gifts that are personalized to her and her favorite things. Don’t make it about you and what’s going on in your life – make it about HER. What can you do/say/give her that makes the moment and memory special? Like how special her friendship is to you! Remind her that ‘life IS a beautiful ride’ with her as your friend!

4. Give her INSPIRING Gifts. I have a rule on holiday gifts for girlfriends. NEVER give them anything you’d give your mom, a random co-worker or the neighbor who you barely know. Gifts for girlfriends should be personal and meaningful, like a mug to express your friendship or a piece of art that shares your true sentiment.

5. Be GRATEFUL. And help remind her to be too. Show your gratitude for her friendship, for the good memories and happy times ahead, for the gift of health or even the gift of time together. Gratitude is contagious. On those days when she feels down, share your gratitude and faith that tomorrow will be a better day.

And – it is pretty EASY, right? The way to inspire your friends is to BE A BETTER FRIEND. You can do it!

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