day 4 of 12 days of friendshipWe’re celebrating the 12 days of Friendship and the Gift of Girlfriends and today’s ‘gift’ – making and sharing memories.

I met Barb when we were freshmen in college. Our rooms were across the hall from each other and we spent hours doing ‘stuff’ freshmen girls do – talking, laughing, figuring out our lives. We eventually roomed together and were in each others’ weddings. We’ve stayed friends over miles, kids, through different life changes and in between busy, busy schedules.

Now, so many years later, we have years and years of memories. From those early days in her Volkswagen Beetle (there are LOTS of memories in that car!), to now sharing a glass of wine together for our birthdays and every chance we can get, we’ve shared our stories and the gift of friendship – such a wonderful present! It’s true …

“It takes a long time to grow an old Friend.” John Leonard

long time to grow an old friend quoteThis year for our holiday gifts to each other, she came up with the perfect gift – the gift of spending time together. Instead of ‘stuff’ we wrap up to show our love and appreciation, we’re foregoing the gifts for the gift of spending time together. We’re committing to getting together every month over the coming year.

By spending time together, we’ll no doubt still share the stories and memories of our long-time buy phentermine no rx friendship, but we’ll also be making more memories together and having the conversations that keep us close and connected to each other.

So, as we celebrate the 12 Days of Friendship, we’re taking Day 4 to recognize and enjoy the gift of friendship – especially the memories that we make and share together. The memories that can only be made and shared among dear, true, wonderful girlfriends.

May you be blessed with the gift of friendship at the holidays and throughout your life. Celebrate your girlfriends!

Be the kind of friend you’d love to have! 

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