4 ways to feel gratitudeNever lose the childlike wonder. Show gratitude … Don’t complain; just work harder … Never give up.
Randy Pausch

Lately, life lessons from wise souls like Randy Pausch and others who have fought tougher battles than me – and possibly you, along with this season of Thanksgiving, remind me of the importance of gratitude. A pinch of gratitude, bakes up to a whole lot of happiness. Gratitude is worthy ‘ingredient’ for us to have and spread to our friends. So, for this season of Thanksgiving, here are 4 Easy Ways to Feel Gratitude (and share that Gratitude with your Girlfriends!): 

1. Count Your Blessings – Start with your friends and the wonderful people in your life who love you. Add that to health (which hopefully you have), a great country to live in, safe water, warmth in cold weather and so much more … count them. Write down your blessings and be mindful of the wonderful friends, family and freedoms you have. Talk them over with your BFF and help her count her blessings. Life is good. Be in an attitude of gratitude!

2. Live in the Moment – Right NOW. What are you grateful for? Right NOW. Who has blessed your life? Who in your life makes you happy? Living in the moment is a difficult challenge – especially in this world of social media and selfies. What would happen if we just lived in the moment, enjoyed the day, noticed the little things in life? Instead of talking about others or future plans, talk to your buy phentermine hydrochloride 37.5 mg girlfriends about life in the present and live in the moment together.

3. Show Kindness – There’s something special about kindness to others – we end up feeling better ourselves. This is a wonderful season to show kindness and express gratitude. Some random act of kindness, like dropping off a gift at a girlfriend’s home or paying for picking up her daughter from soccer, shows we care – that she is important and valuable in our lives. (And, again, we also get the joy of showing kindness.)

4. Make Your Friends Feel as Special as their Friendship – I’ve shared about my BFF Terri before – she has a way of making her friends feel special. Like giving a thoughtful gift for my birthday – something she picked up on in a comment I made. How can you make your friends feel special? Be thoughtful, caring, kind and make your friends feel special – it will give you even more to be grateful for.

Gertrude Stein said, “Silent gratitude isn’t very much to anyone.” It’s true girlfriend. Who in your live do you need to show and share gratitude with? Don’t wait until Thanksgiving or the holidays. BE GRATEFUL for girlfriends. You’ll be glad you did.

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