day 3 12 days of friendshipWhat Girlfriend Traditions do you have? Any Book Club, Mom’s Group or Sorority Get-togethers? (Those count as Girlfriend Traditions!)

We’re on day three of the 12 days of friendship for our holiday celebration of the gift of female friendship. Today, Day 3 of the 12 Days of Friendship, we’re celebrating the gift of girlfriend traditions …

Tonight is our neighborhood Book Club. We’re a very friendly (we like to think!), non-stressful group of women who really like to hang out together, eat, drink and laugh. Oh, and sometimes we read a book! But not tonight!

Tonight is special. It’s our annual ‘Ornament Exchange’ party. We’ll all gather at Penny’s home, bring our appetizers, desserts and beverages (wine generally!) and an ornament to offer to the girls.

It’s a fabulous tradition of women sharing their lives and laughing a lot as we catch up on whose kid is doing what, the latest restaurant nearby or the funny stories that all women have to share with other women. (The above photo is from last year’s ornament exchange – we don’t go hungry!)

Our fun girlfriend tradition starts when we draw numbers and begin picking a package to open. Everyone watches as the ornament is discovered then passed around the room for full examination. Then, in true ‘White Elephant’ or ‘Dirty Santa’ fashion, the keeper of the new ornament may exchange it for a previous gift that was opened. It gets pretty heated as certain ornaments are desired by multiple women and there often are negotiations to secure the most buy phentermine tablets online popular ornament.

When we talk about one of the main benefits of female friendship being stress relief. I GUARANTEE that any stress from the day or life in general will be laid aside tonight by every woman there tonight. Concerns over finances, health, relationships, too much to do, etc. – all will be forgotten for at least a little bit as we genuinely laugh and enjoy spending time together.

That’s part of our ‘girlfriend tradition’ – just enjoying the time we share and our friendships together.

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What are your Holiday Girlfriend Traditions? Share below in our comments – and inspire others!

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